Sunday, 28 March 2010

Polish Boy

Am deeply in love with the Polish painter next door, o my brothers, he finished my new kitchen in one day! What a real man he is! I gave him a packet of Rothmans. Thats true love that is. It takes a lot for me to part with Rothmans.

We will run off together to His native Gadansk and begin a new life there. I'm not afraid of hardship and poverty. Tho' I get the feeling he is, and wouldn't dream of going back there in a million years. I can only get these feelings about Him, brothers, because he doesn't speak a word of English. And my Polish is slightly dim.

So thats another idea screwed then. I'll never get out of this goddam shithole. Still hate house. Its nicely painted and that by my Eastern European "pash" , but still unhappy here.

Had another cunning plan. The A316 runs at the back of us. My mate tells me there were several compulsory purchases of nice houses to get that road there. Brilliant! Will put a proposal to the council to extend the motorway down this crappy street. I mean, no-one will miss it! Its such shit! And we'll get money to buy a decent house! Excellent! Why didn't I think of that before?

Will take Polish guy with me. Haven't written book yet .


Stigmum said...

Am very jealous you live next door to a Hot Pole. Only so many times I could look at the eye candy online (all a hundred years younger but who cares!) and my neighbours, well they're dogs. Really! Though one's a bitch I think, both owned by a young woman...ha ha!
Hoping you get more than you paid for for the flat and you move to a Land of Dreams! xxx

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Enjoy your new kitchen while you can. You gave him a whole packet of Rothmans... wow!


Jennysmith said...

Hi Treasures.

Yes, AV, this is definitely true love. No-one gets a Rothmans out of me - let alone a whole packet.
I've never even given Husband one!
Mind you, he don't smoke. Hope you are well.

And you too Stigmum. Yes, I wish you could live near me, we could oggle him together. Mind you, it might get a bit nasty!


Polly said...

I am jealous. I wish I had something to look at here. Id be happy to peer over the back fence even.

French Fancy said...

Jenny - I keep asking but am none the wiser. Have you moved? Are you no longer in Twickers?

Suburbia said...

Sorry you're not happy there :(

Suzysoo said...

Hang in there Jenny, perhaps the place will 'grow on you?!' Hope you've found a good smoking spot though xx

怡屏怡屏 said...

A stitch in time saves nine. .........................................