Saturday, 23 April 2011

Round The Elephant & Castle!

Where are we now? Christmas, or somewhere? Oh yeah, Easter.

Don't think much of it so far! Yesterday, my mate said she'd pay me if I helped her load these pictures into a storage place in South East London. Well, did I see any money? Did I, shite!

The only thing I enjoyed was going to South London in an Addison-Lee cab thing. I have to say, that Elephant & Castle place hasn't seemed to have changed since I last went there in 1972. On a Red Rover thing on a bus. Still the same grey sort of sprawl, and people walking around looking bloody miserable! Kensal Rise and this place, we ended up at. Seemed exciting at the time. But then, so did Harlow once!

I hate those storage units! They're so spooky! Corridors and corridors of yellow doors and eerie silence. Any number of zombies could walk round them undisturbed. Or a simple common-garden murderer!

Anyway, one bad back later, and swollen wrists, and I'm still just as skint! Son wants a tenner to go out with. Can anyone lend me such a thing? There might be some change down the back of your sofa, I could use perhaps? You'll get it back later. Much later.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Out - Now!

My little girl (nearly 15) has been made a prefect. Tears of joy reached my eyes on having heard such news. Something I and Husband have never been, and Son never likely to. Already she has reported me for smoking, and chucked me out of the toilet. Bless her! They don't appoint you any more, it seems. You apply for the role, with a form and everything. Jings! I said at the time, its not a job, you know. At our school, you became a prefect the moment you entered the sixth form. Just had to turn up for that one! But our sixth form was very small, like most schools then, jobs being so much easier for school leavers to get and everything. However, in the fifth year, you could be chosen to be a Sub-prefect! (Whatever the hell that was!) It really was a golden finger that pointed at you then. One that didn't point at me, but at my mate next to me. I still remember my eyes stinging red, and the fact that the bitch had got one over on me yet again. "I see you haven't made the grade.", our drama teacher drawled at me, and the others who were not asked. Carlton cigarette smoke blowing out of her huge nostrils. Bitch ! Whore ! Anyway, my mate gave the badge back, saying she wasn't turning out first years who were blue with cold. She was trying to impress this stupid boyfriend of her's, who was at art school or something. The truth was, she couldn't be arsed. I'm over it now, I really am. erm.... sob! (oh no, not again....)

Monday, 4 April 2011

Fat Men

Mien Gott! Took my clothes off in a changing room of a well-known shop today! Lordy! What a grim sight stood before me in that mirror! Bloody hell! Diet for me! Even when I put on this pretty dress - a sort of retro floaty one - I did not resemble that blonde one from Mad Men, as I naively thought I would. You know, Don Draper's ex-wife. I mean, I've got the same blonde hair...... Mind you, I'm sick of Mad Men now. The novelty that they smoke and drink anywhere has worn off for me. Once Don Draper got engaged to his secretary, and Roger lost his witty charm, the infactuation waned. Its gone to Sky Atlantic now anyway. And we don't have that one. Us being tight and everything. Husband in tears because that curvy woman, Joan's not gonna be in it anymore. Good riddance, I say. Four series - sorry, seasons has said it all really. Got to tell my mum I don't want an Easter Egg this time. Not after the debacle last year when she gave my nephew a far bigger one than me. I'm holding a grudge, and I don't care. Shame really, all those happy past Easters swept aside by one thoughtless gesture. But that's how it goes really. Lovely sunny memories of past pets ie rabbits and fish, all buying me eggs from each of them, little china mugs and egg cups that I've kept for years, just blown away. Never mind, eh? She can give me money though if she wants. Quite fancy that film, Logans Run. No, its not been remade like Husband thought. I am referring to that one with Jenny Agutter and Michael York, the one from the early to mid seventies. My mate told me the plot the other day. Have any readers fancied films that are nearly 40 years old? And have only just had the plot explained to them? There's a Superking Light in it for them. Answers on a postcard please.