Wednesday, 21 July 2010

To Sir with love.....

Well, stormed up the school, didn't I. To see Sir (Son's teacher). Said he'd been expecting me and ushered me into a "group room" opposite the classroom. We sat round a small table, with water and glasses and that, not that I got offered anything!

Sir whipped off his glasses, and tears came to his young and beautiful eyes. He declared he wasn't gay at all really. And that he no longer wanted to be married to this other bloke, as he now thought civil weddings were new age nonsense. He will get a divorce immediately as he now likes birds. Especially older ones with big breasts and that.

I begged him to control himself and think logically. But it was too late, he had buried his gorgeous head in my chest before I could say Bats For The Other Team.

Actually, what really happened was Sir said He'd knew why I'd come. And I said Don't you think you were a little harsh in Son's end of year report? Maths and English were his strongest subjects. And he got level 5's for Gods Sake. He shouldn't be graded in the Need to Improve category. And he said He had been ruthless, yes, as he wanted to give Son a wake-up call. A shove to do better in Secondary school. He was capable of so much better things, rather than keep mucking about with his mates.

He assured me he had been in turmoil about this. (I was in turmoil about him, I tell you!) and Son's report took the longest to write.

I said Thank You. And Sir said he was glad I came. I said So was I - but not for the reasons he thinks. I was glad, because I was this close to that gorgeous Jarvis Cocker look-alike teacher. . Better not tell him that , eh?

Anyway, after Friday, he will be history, as Son is out of primary school for good. From now on, Son has a lady teacher for the next five years, so Husband can clean up on that one!

Anyway, afraid Georgie Fame is well packed-up. Its Sir all the way for me now! Though I don't think the feeling's mutual.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Sounds more like a case of To Sir, with Lust... LOL

Left a comment on earlier post for you.


Suburbia said...

No more primary school huh? Time flies!

Polly said...

Wow, no more primary school. Im dreading the beginning of school let alone the move to High School.

French Fancy said...

How do the young schoolgirls cope with attractive teachers - they all looked like grim old things when I was a pupil. Maybe your son will get a crush on his lady teacher

Been out of the blogosphere, young Jen and about to disappear once again - on a relocation mission. Be good till I return


Jennysmith said...

Okay, now listen and listen good. Stop putting comments on my posts in Chinese or Cantonese or whatever the hell it is! I have just spent twenty minutes deleting them all.

Either write in English or not at all. Its quite obvious I can't understand what you're writing.

Now if it happens again, I'm going to report you.

So pack it in!

The Crap Blog Detective said...

You want the Crap Blog Detective to investigate this mysterious Anonymous Chinese commentator?

Chris said...

Love your writing style. I'm buggered if I know how you do it with an accent;-)