Sunday, 24 October 2010

A swift half..

Just a quick one, Treasures, while I've got any Mojo left at all.

Off to Centerparcs tomorrow. Broke and spent, burnt out, and Husband books the most expensive place you can go to! AND it'll be cold! AND there'll be sport and stuff there, which leaves your Humble Narrator cold. Still, there's cappuchino and I've put a hundred fags in my case. So things could be worse.

What a brutal week it has truly been. Got stood up the other night by the Polish workman next door. All the trappings we had prepared, candlelight, soft music, Pomagne on ice, see-through negligee and full make-up. I have to say I looked very nice too. (Old Basil Brush joke that one) And the bastard didn't turn up! He was supposed to be looking at a crack on Son's wall. Git!

And then, my mate from Dubai was over here for a birthday party, and agreed to meet me at church this morning. The bitch also stood me up! Got a pain in my neck from keep looking behind me. What is it with these bastards???

Still, humilation and rejection - they're mother's milk to me. I am no stranger to heartbreak.

Gotta go. Will moan and bitch when I get back.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Where is it???

Greetings, Treasures.

Sorry about my poor timing of posts. The truth is my mojo has gone a bit.
Well, its sort of gone somewhere else. Been writing my frackin' book, haven't I.
And what a load of shit it is too, I tell you!

Printed the bloody lot off, didn't I. ONLY 71 pages - good grief! I mean, I haven't finished it yet, but I can't see me writing much more! A literary agent in Trade Secrets advises you to send the first hundred pages with a synopsis. Well, Love! Thats going to be the whole novel at this rate. How do they DO it?

Desperate for money as usual. Post my pictures onto Photonation, don't I. The online picture agency who will pay you for any downloads. Put on five of my very best. They rejected the lot! Bastards! Thats it! I'm getting some snaps of my day out in Southend in 1985, and putting THEM on there! Only they're not on the computer, are they? They're in a Trueprint wallet somewhere at my mums! Still, if my nature photos aren't good enough for these bastards....

Cat's just gone in the litter tray. Bollocks!