Thursday, 11 October 2012


Just a quick hello.

Been "offroad" for quite a while.  Being doing:

Standup comedy
sketch writing

The latter being very difficult.  I just clam up, I mean it's all been done. 
Want to a sketch about smoking (what a surprise) but I can't think of bugger all
A smoking area where you stand on one leg, perhaps?  That smacks of the Two Ronnies
but there you go.

Son 14 on Saturday - can't believe it!  It's Thomas the Tank I miss the most.  Pleased to say
he's kept all his Spiderman toys and is enjoying a revival thanks to the new film.

The little bugger wants £200 towards a new computer.  Well, he's had that!  Did you ask
for that on your 14th birthday, I'm buggered if I did.  I got a mono record player, and a record
token.  Bought Rod Stewart's Never A Dull Moment, and a single by David Cassidy.  And I might
have got a pair of tights from my auntie.  Can't remember.  Have to phone up the woman and ask her!

Which brings me to my other activity - ebay.  Gotta get on there now and sell the clothes off my back to raise money for the little tyke.  Spoilt little bugger