Friday, 9 December 2011


Just writing a few words while I still have some Puff left. 

Been so busy lately.  This thing called Work mainly.  How do people DO that thing!  What a nightmare! 

Teachers' Strike was brilliant last week.  Brought back so many memories of 1972.  There were a lot more then tho'.   Nearly everyone's mum and dad at school were on strike!  The buggers were never at work!  And don't think they did picketing either, or fight for their cause.  They were at home watching telly and that.  No wonder so many of my contemporaries wanted to get themselves into factories and labouring. 

My birthday was on Sunday.  What a load of crap THAT was!  Still, my mum gave me £50, so that wasn't bad.  Bought a 100 fags and some lipstick.  Could be worse I suppose.  But don't see why turning 53 is anything to celebrate. 

Going to Florida for Christmas.  Really don't want to go.  Should never have agreed to it.  I'm dreaming of the 30th, when we arrive back in Heathrow, especially to outside the building where I can have a fag. 

Gotta go.  I'm doing supper! 


Polly said...

Florida sounds fantastic I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, I expect the warmer weather will be a surprise though, I know all our northern hemisphere friends think our hot Christmas is strange. Happy birthday to you too.

Suburbia said...

Ha! you always make me feel better!!!!

Suburbia said...

Happy belated birthday by the way :-)

Stigmum said...

Happy happy belated birthday to you. As I write this I know things aren't fantastic, but 100 fags and lipstick, best way to batten down the hatches me love and believe that everything will be alright and the year ahead full of POSITIVE surprises xxxx