Sunday, 29 January 2012

Horses for Courses

Sob!  Saw War Horse the other night.  I knew I shouldn't have.  I knew I'd get emotional and upset!  Bloody Pick & Mix coming to £3.10! 

Anyway now I want a horse.  But its got to be brown with white markings, like Joey in the film.  Won't tell Husband, be a nice surprise for him, how he'll laugh! 

But where does one get one?  I got the cat from the Pet Shop, and my fish from a garden centre.  Do they sell these creatures too?  I never saw any. 

Is there a Horses-r-Us anywhere?  Or does one go to one of those cute little farms?  I'm sure they're quite easy to keep.  I've got an old blanket he or she can put on.  And don't they eat sugar lumps?  Like Dougal in the Magic Roundabout?  And I'm sure a friendly blacksmith will do their shoes. 

If anyone's got a horse they don't want anymore, let me know.

Me and Husband went out on Saturday night.  Just us being out together is a rare event.  Let alone this hallowed time exclusively  for babysitting, and the occasional step-family supper. 

We went to our local comedy club.  It has a very good reputation, and, allegedly really good stand-ups there. 

Well, what a load of old shit!  Standing outside in the freezing and boisterous queue, despite having booked our tickets, I realised I was too old for this caper.  And just one look at Husband's face told me he felt the same way. 

It was when I told the nice bloke with the clipboard that he'd ruin his eyes, squinting at names on there under the streetlight, that I should have come home to my cardigan and rocking chair!

We eventually get in there.  Loud music, like you wouldn't believe.  And could I get to the seated smoking area outside?  Could I shite!  There was, like, loads of people there and everything.  All drinking and talking shit! 

Is this what people do then on a saturday?  Worse, did I  used
to do this on a Saturday?  I think I did.  And most of the time, I waited for it to be over.

The first comedian bored me to tears, the second one a little better.  Then the third, an Iranian woman whose name escapes me, who has been on Mock the Week and that, was miserable and dire.  Husband, who had been a big fan of her's, was most disappointed.  I guess sometimes they go flat.  Some more than others! 

We legged it after that.  Never again!  Next Saturday it's Borgen on BBC4, or even better, Babysitting!


Pearl said...

:-) That was very enjoyable.


p.s. I think you can order horses online. You'll have to be home to sign for it when it's delivered, however -- they won't just leave them on the porch.

Polly said...

Ive got a friend over your way who has some kind of horse thing going on, they have coffee mornings and all and he recently met the queen, I can hook you up!!

Stigmum said...

I went to comedy on my own the other night and there was a girl in the (upstairs room in the pub) audience who told the first comedian that she was email....he wrote 'bad news for you' in the subject line. By the end of the night, with each comic taking her dumping story for their own end, she was so drunk a friend had to carry her out. I only noticed this of course, with a glimmer of recognition, because I wasn't drinking!
Very glad to hear you and husband went on a date though!!!!
And in regard to horses, call the Duchess, she might know!