Thursday, 11 October 2012


Just a quick hello.

Been "offroad" for quite a while.  Being doing:

Standup comedy
sketch writing

The latter being very difficult.  I just clam up, I mean it's all been done. 
Want to a sketch about smoking (what a surprise) but I can't think of bugger all
A smoking area where you stand on one leg, perhaps?  That smacks of the Two Ronnies
but there you go.

Son 14 on Saturday - can't believe it!  It's Thomas the Tank I miss the most.  Pleased to say
he's kept all his Spiderman toys and is enjoying a revival thanks to the new film.

The little bugger wants £200 towards a new computer.  Well, he's had that!  Did you ask
for that on your 14th birthday, I'm buggered if I did.  I got a mono record player, and a record
token.  Bought Rod Stewart's Never A Dull Moment, and a single by David Cassidy.  And I might
have got a pair of tights from my auntie.  Can't remember.  Have to phone up the woman and ask her!

Which brings me to my other activity - ebay.  Gotta get on there now and sell the clothes off my back to raise money for the little tyke.  Spoilt little bugger


Polly said...

You could do stnd up for me any day.

Jennysmith said...

Thank you my sweet. I hope to one day xxx

DD's Diary said...

Ebay - I've got a pile of clothes I've got to put on there. Got both daughters' birthdays coming up in the next couple of months. Neither of them want a pair of tights, alas x

Jennysmith said...

Got a super pair of tights for my 13th birthday, DD. Holy Cow ones, treasured them. And yes, sadly, thats now no longer enough xx