Thursday, 20 August 2009

Forgive me, o brothers and only friends, your humble narrator has strayed and gone over to The other side - the Outside World. And such a wicked cruel place it was too.

Eight months this house selling business has been going on. Decided this week I could not Go On. Put my head in the oven and waited - before realising we were electric. (I know, thats an old one), asked Fatso if he had any arsenic - and would he like to come on this journey with me. I would take comfort from dying with Fatso. The fat Git woke up abruptly and offered me the only ware he could in the circumstances. Extra strong Annadin.

Mind you, they say you look bloody terrible after swallowing arsenic and other poisons. They burn your insides and you go all blue and that. Not serene looking like Snow White and that. And I'm already two stone overweight and lardy, I don't want to look any worse.

My mate's got one of those big paddling pools, quite deep. Considered putting my head under but they say drowing is an awful way to go, your lungs burst and it hurts and that.

I considered running to the kids for support. And in my head, I knew what they'd say to their poor mother - Good Riddance, daughter would say. Sod off, son would say, now we can get a decent stepmother who won't stink of fags and hold us back. And don't expect us to come to the funeral either. Except to dance on your grave! By the way, we want money for Westfield.

The little buggers! It seemed the whole world was against me. I ran to the Cat for comfort and that furry featured little cow just bit me!

Today, drawin on my Polish fag, trying to find a huge building in my A-Z to jump off, Husband texted. We have now exchanged contracts, it said. The sun came out.

Off to a wedding in Holland tomorrow. And even tho' I'm down to my last £100 - I'm having a Beano in Duty Free!


Suburbia said...

Nooooo! Don't Jump!!

Hope you have a great time in Holland and Yay! for exchange of contracts!

@eloh said...

I'm thinking of jumping on the house dumping bandwagon....I've been through some of the trama just staying here.

I'm old and weak, so I may not survive the trama...not too picky and the giving up part.

I've got a five gallon bucket with the instructions to drown a kid right on the side of it, I recon it would work about the same it you were full grown.

Anonymous said...

The cat wouldn't have bit you of you'd given her a fag in the first place. Always offer a fag. It's good manners.
Have fun in Holland but don't try bringing any of their "cigarettes" back through customs!
Great news about exchanging contracts, it should get easier, now, right?

Chairman Bill said...

Lay off the polish.

Marie and John said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a wonderful time in Holland.


Polly said...

Well at last how exciting for you. How was the wedding? Hope you had a fab time.

Jennysmith said...

Lovies, treasures, bless you for your comments. I can't talk much now - only to say my heart is with you and that I have decided to stay on this earth after all. For a while anyway - until my Duty Frees run out xxxxx

A Modern Mother said...

LOL! Have a great time in Holland and stay away from the paddling pools.