Monday, 25 January 2010

Whisked away....

Lovies, Treasures, forgive my not posting on here.

The only way I can explain is to liken it to a serieal I've been reading in My Weekly. There is a little girl somewhere in Texas who gets hauled away on a horse by some Comanche Indians. She grows up, marries the big chief, has kids, and then gets hauled back again by her brother to Texas . Well, thats what the outside world does to me sometimes. I get pulled from one culture to another.

Anyway, the equivalent of one of those red Indians was my new career, Invigillating at Daughter's school. Well, what a complete load of shit. It was a disaster! It was not the walkover I thought it was going to be, I tell you.

I mean, my old maths teacher used to read his paper, have a fag under the desk and walk around humming during our exams. Not now, mate, oh no. Had to take the labels off all drinking bottles, had to give triple science to some candidates and double to others. Then you had to make sure their keys and things were on the floor. I mean, for Gods sake!

I think I made one girl fail. One girl put her hand up for a tissue (you would have been told to lump it in "my day") and I got her one. But then I couldn't find her again. They all looked the same. I mean they really did. With their heads bowed, identical hairstyles and blue sweatshirts. Anyway a girl started sniffing so I barged in there and gave her the tissue! Wrong girl! Completely interupted her chemistry paper! Oh Lord!

Oh and then, collecting up the papers - well, that was fun too! Reverse order they told me just after I had scooped them up in my arms. And even the canditates little name and number cards had to be done in a certain order too. Think I'll go back to babysitting.

Been on Facebook lately. Got in touch with an old schoolmate, who the last time I had spoken to her was during a screaming row at a holiday camp in 1977. So there was a lot of ground to cover. Anyway, this boy - well, 51 year old bloke now - but one who was in our school year, has been in touch with her and they have met up several times. "He just wants to get into my pants," she writes to me (on a private message), "I don't want to know". Then why do you keep meeting up with him then? I wanted to say. But didn't want to start another screaming row.

And I know the answer really. She wants to feel young and wanted again, like we all do. But surely not with some little snit who used to shout at us from the back of the maths class! Think I'll deactivate my membership.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l can totally relate to that and have even surfed on FB and found old flames....really sad l know but you summed it all up in this post...we've lost something, fun, our innocence and l don't mean virginity l mean the ability to be surprised without irony or sarcasm nor cynicism.
I have messaged anyone male, and dont think l will...but it does evoke a what if scenario...and a is the grass greener. We KNOW it isnt but its human nature to want a bit more isnt it?? I dont wnant it ALL.....just a bit of it...

great thought rpoviking post!

Stigmum said...

So fecking glad you're back mamma with your wonderfully hilarious take on a life that isn't wonderfully hilarious! I thought envigilating (or however you spell it)would be an easy tenner but you've educated me while making me laugh out loud!

Marie and John said...

I was beginning to get worried about you as you've been missing for ages. Now I know why.

One of our friends does some invigilating and he says it's hard work. Apparently he gets paid good money so he can't hate it that much.

I'm back in touch with a couple of friends from school (not on face book but friends reunited) but I'd hate to go to a reunion. Too scary !!!!


Argentum Vulgaris said...

I never contemplate catching up with the past. Although I did have one experience some 40 years on, be a good subject for a post....

Jennysmith, I suggest you remove that Chinese-like comment from your previous post. That line is a link, often to a viral-type thing that can cause pc damage to anyone clicking on it.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Check my post on Tomus:


Jennysmith said...

Lovies, Treasures, Thank you for your super comments. FFF, how lovely to see your name there again. Your very own comments are thought provoking too. HOw well you have summed up that sort of thing. And what a great comfort we're not alone in this. Cos as you know, it can feel like it sometimes.

Stigmum, lovely to see you too. Thank you for your lovely and enlightening words. I hope you are well.

Marie and JOhn, good to see you too. Its quite nice to see blokes invigillating. I was with one. You assume its all females, or mums, I don't know why.

Yes, take no notice of him. He gets paid handsomely. And yes, keep away from that evil Facebook.

AV, my lovely sweet. I am intrigued with your words. I want a post on that NOW!

And thanks for the tip there. I thought that thing was strange. And yes, I read your post on it too. But how do you delete the comment yourself. I always thought you could only delete your own.

Love, your willing pupil xxxxx

Suburbia said...


See you on facebook sometime!

French Fancy said...

It takes a lot of discipline to blog regularly - me, I'm trying to stay off the puter for quite long periods and when I come to the blogosphere there is so much to catch up with I can kiss goodbye to a few hours.

I loved the thought of you wandering around the hall looking for sniffy girl - and then not finding the right one

johnomori said...

There is nobody in high school that I would want to want me at this stage. Of course, I went to an all boys catholic school and left there straight (weird, I know). I was, however, part of a group that devised an elaborate foot tapping system for multiple choice exams. I am sort of proud of that... I guess.

Polly said...

Hilarious, some people never change!

The Dotterel said...

In the old days when 'we' (that is, teachers) had to waste our four years state-funded training and government salaries walking up-and-down exam halls, we had a number of little 'games' to make the time pass quickly. Exam 'tag' was one I remember: no touching involved, nor sound; and you had to walk at a stately invigilators pace. Oh, the old days... Mind you, I just gathered up the papers in whatever order took my fancy - think that was another game, too: zig-zagging the collection. After all, what do the exam boards get their money for?

Suzysoo said...

I had a Maths teacher like that .. He used to visibly shake, disappear into the stock cupboard and re-emerge much more co-ordinated!