Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Catcher.....

What do you think of old J D Salinger then? How many of us have read that book? That was where I first learnt to speak American. And learnt the word Godamm. In 1975, there was a whole load of schoolgirls going round saying "Godamm it!".

The damndest thing being, I picked up Catcher in the Rye again at 40 something, having read it at 16, and do you know I couldn't get into the bloody - sorry, godamm thing again! Couldn't get past the first page. Wierd isn't it.

And wasn't he a lovely bit of stuff in 1951? That was the date of the photo in the obituary anyway. I would have gone Godamming with him then,, I tell you - if I'd been born then, that is. Anyway his most recent photo, he looked like that dad out of Steptoe and Son. But then he was 90 something and drinking his own piss so you've got to make allowances.

I was impressed that he started his writing career with selling short stories to magazines. I myself have sold a story to one of these. Some time ago. But his stories went in the New Yorker, whereas mine went in Woman's Weekly. Husband says the New Yorker is shallow, a bit like Hello magazine, where Woman's Weekly is very highbrow and distinguished. AND the NY doesn't have a problem page! And where's its recipe's, thats what I want to know.

Also recently, my little cat's photo was published in a journal, on her third birthday. I had emailed this gem months before. So when I was regaling this to my mate on the phone, he said even Holden Caulfield - or whatever his stupid name is - didn't have that glory. His pet, as far as we knew, had never been published in a magazine. My mate reckoned thats why he became a recluse and odd and that.

He must have been so in awe of me.

Made a croissant chocolate pudding. Ate a bowlful, feel sick


Stigmum said...

You're a star in the making Jen. Yet another post to prove it!
I read the catcher years ago and now my memory can't even stretch back months, I may have to pick it up again.
Ol' JD, yes, accurate description and I can't wait until technology is so super dooper fabby that you can put some of that chocolate pud in your microwave and send it to me!!! xxx

@eloh said...

I also read it in High School in the '60's then picked it up again around 2000 when I was schooling my own children.

It was a must read for my children, so that they would know what people were talking about when it was "brought up" in conversation.

I do hope the entire rights to that piece of shit was buried with him.

Suburbia said...

Have always wanted to make one of those! I'll eat the rest for you if you like, send it over?!

Chairman Bill said...
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Chairman Bill said...

Never been one for novels. Wouldn't knwo The Great Amercian Novel if it hit me in the eyes.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Never read Cather, you guys make me feel deprived or something. I guess I'm a bit like Chairman Bill, Great American novel to me seems something of an oxymoron.


French Fancy said...

I did exactly the same thing, Jen. Read TCITR years ago and loved it and then tried it again about five years ago and put it down in disgust - it was just too American (something that endeared it to me when I was young and impressionable).

Congrats to your famous cat as well


Jennysmith said...

Lovies, treasures, just a quick one before the Archers.

Bless you, Stigmum, your words really make me believe in myself. Thank you. Yes, you were a child of Catcher... too.

Hi @eloh, it seemed Holden Caulfield to you too. Only you didn't have to adopt an american accent. You had an advantage over me. Did you really not like it?

Sub AND Stigmum again, you do not want to go near it! It was disgusting AND expensive - TWO tubs of thick cream for Gods sake! I nearly threw up, it was DISGUSTING!!!

Now, Chairman Bill and AV, I cannot believe you'd turn your back on great writers like John Updike or Scott Fitzgerald or that one who wrote The Road. Get reading Catcher in the Rye now!
I will be asking questions about it.

FF, you have Been There like me. Yes, funny isn't it. How you lose sympathy with someone you loved when you were younger.

Rose has put on airs and graces since she's been published!

Whoops! The ARchers and a spooky afternoon play! Ta-ta xxx

Marie and John said...

You never told me you'd had a story published. Well done you.


Chairman Bill said...

Only if you read The History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell first.

Jennysmith said...

Honestly CB I read THAT old thing on my coffee break years ago! Now, that is no excuse get reading Catcher..... right now! Or at least a John Updike one.

M&J, hello, yes, didn't I mention this? I am so modest! Will let you know when it comes out xxxx