Wednesday, 17 March 2010

You know what I'm going to say......

Brothers, friends, only friends in fact: my posting has been so sparodic. The truth is we have moved house and my misery is deep and bottomless.

It smells, and there is a view of a motorway. Whatever possessed me to come here? Daughter hates me because its further away from school. And Son and Husband just hate me. Even the cat's given me the cold shoulder. There is no-one to turn to, o my brothers.

I'm going to have a take a break from the blogging thing, o my loves. My heart is just not in it at the moment. I will miss you all.

The truth is, besides contemplating suicide, I'm gonna try writing a book. Don't ask me why. Like Joan of Arc, I had a calling. The literary world needs you, God has told me. And even though he has been so very brutal with me of late, I will heed his words and go forth.

The truth is, if I write a bestseller, I can get out of this shithole.

Bless you, you really are my only friends at the moment. You and the young Polish painter upstairs. And his English is a bit iffy, if you want to know the truth. But he smokes, so we are like brothers. Tho' no-one can take the place of you, my friends.

Sob! You mean so much to me. I will always treasure the moments we have all had together and do you remember that time..... Bugger, only two fags left, the new local shop for me.


Stigmum said...

Nooooooooooo! Don't go!!!!! So relate to the bottom of the bottomless pit thing and your idea to write a book is a fantastic one. You are a brilliant funny and witty writer (see, even here, in your misery! Oh if I had your talent!)
So yes, if you're not going to be in the blogosphere for a while, I look forward to your book because I, Me, Myself AND I want to read it!
Don't be too long gone though. Me and Nicoteen send you all our best wishes and hopes. Per Ardua ad Astrum (in difficulty to the stars... or something.. a friend used to say that to me!)
Lots of love xxx

French Fancy said...

Jen - I thought you were going to keep us in the loop of what happened in your life. And then you went and bought a house without running it past us. How could you? Don't you love us any more? And then you talk about deserting us - no, don't go.

Suburbia said...

Noooooooooooo don't go!

Didn't realise you were moving again. You must have moved the same time as me?

Powderroom said...

Eek. We moved too recently. Well actually last September, but we are still getting used to it. It will get better(I think). Good luck with the book. Oh, and, btw, if you think you're suicidal now, wait till you've got a broken plot point and when you fix it, it requires a rewrite of 60% of your text. That's suicidal my dear. But nothing and no one shall stand in the way of a soldier of God and her calling. I would say "Go with God," but I fear that would be redundant so again I say good luck. (And, LMK if you need a reader. Seriously). Johno

Chairman Bill said...

Haw far is the local shop?

Polly said...

Please come back every now and then - if you write a bestseller I want some bragging rights.

Take Care Jen - Ill miss you so very much.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Pity, another fellow smoker bites the dust. Am I destined to become a lone pariah again? I bet the "new" local shop is further too. I wish you luck in your "calling", but please just a sporadic post, now and then so we know that all is well with the world in Twickenham.


Jennysmith said...

Bless you Treasures for your kind and lovely words. They are buried deep in my heart.

CB, my local shop is now Tescos! (sob) Fatso is a thing of the past now. Oh whats that loud noise? oh yeah, its my heart breaking! The useless git probably hasn't even noticed i'm gone. too busy watching cricket and that.