Monday, 8 March 2010

Healing Wounds

Well, readers, the pain seems to have lessened slightly. Only one boy got into the grammar school out of Son's pals. And he's fat and shit at football - so it could have been a lot worse.

The smug overbearing parents who assumed their daughters would get a place there, turned up at school wearing dark glasses. Only felt sorry for them, didn't I! Me being as soft as shite and everything. But I have been through their pain - twice! Assuming my own daughter would get there.

Some parents didn't get their children into the school Son is going to. They've been offered some notorious rough place near Richmond. And I read how a lot of parents aren't getting their first choice. So this could have been so much worse. And at least he's with his mates - and a lot of grammar school also-rans. He will take refuge with them - and the football team.

Son got his heartbreak present of an x-box game and I'm getting mine tomorrow. Want a ring - a cheap one - to remind me of this significant and painful era. And that all this bloody shit is finally over!

Going to get a heartbreak service wash done now. Thank you all for your support.


Stigmum said...

Oh laydee, you've a great big beating heart oh yes as you stand with your experience watching the glam mums with their sunglasses on. I hope your boy will be well happy. I'm sure he will, I'm sure he will..!
You doing the wash? Me doing the laundry! Ok, maybe not, a girl needs a break to go bloggin'!! Take care mamma xxx

French Fancy said...

Rise above those jumped-up families with their children at the grammar schools. You revel in the fact that your son will do just fine where he is going - and will probably shine just as well.

作弊 said...