Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Where is it???

Greetings, Treasures.

Sorry about my poor timing of posts. The truth is my mojo has gone a bit.
Well, its sort of gone somewhere else. Been writing my frackin' book, haven't I.
And what a load of shit it is too, I tell you!

Printed the bloody lot off, didn't I. ONLY 71 pages - good grief! I mean, I haven't finished it yet, but I can't see me writing much more! A literary agent in Trade Secrets advises you to send the first hundred pages with a synopsis. Well, Love! Thats going to be the whole novel at this rate. How do they DO it?

Desperate for money as usual. Post my pictures onto Photonation, don't I. The online picture agency who will pay you for any downloads. Put on five of my very best. They rejected the lot! Bastards! Thats it! I'm getting some snaps of my day out in Southend in 1985, and putting THEM on there! Only they're not on the computer, are they? They're in a Trueprint wallet somewhere at my mums! Still, if my nature photos aren't good enough for these bastards....

Cat's just gone in the litter tray. Bollocks!


Stigmum said...

Your timing of posts is most excellent I reckon. Your mojo came over to me so I could tell you to Keep Calm and Carry On. Your book isn't a load of frackin' shit and 71 pages is bloody amazing. Good to come to blogland and let off some steam, I think mojo's like that!
May the force be with you mamma! xxx

French Fancy... said...

gosh - are we kindred spirits or what. I too have got totally fed up with blogging and my latest - and last post for a while - is about that very subject.

As for 71 pages - call it a novella and send it to some bloody publishers, woman!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up! Keep writing and keep sending your photos! Persistence combined with your obvious talent will pay off!
Believe in you! I do!

Jennysmith said...

Bless you, Stigmum, for your strong encouragement. And believing in my work.

Gosh FF, talk about Great Minds! Am going to pop in to see you after this.
Have a virtual cup of tea with you.

My old mate, how are you? Sorry to hear about your Dentist's bills. Crooks - the lot of 'em!

Bless you for your faith in me. How lucky I am really. xxxx

Polly said...

You can do it Jen, you know you can. You wouldn't have started it if you thought you were going to fail right?

As for photonation, screw them.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about mojos, but I like mojitos...