Saturday, 23 April 2011

Round The Elephant & Castle!

Where are we now? Christmas, or somewhere? Oh yeah, Easter.

Don't think much of it so far! Yesterday, my mate said she'd pay me if I helped her load these pictures into a storage place in South East London. Well, did I see any money? Did I, shite!

The only thing I enjoyed was going to South London in an Addison-Lee cab thing. I have to say, that Elephant & Castle place hasn't seemed to have changed since I last went there in 1972. On a Red Rover thing on a bus. Still the same grey sort of sprawl, and people walking around looking bloody miserable! Kensal Rise and this place, we ended up at. Seemed exciting at the time. But then, so did Harlow once!

I hate those storage units! They're so spooky! Corridors and corridors of yellow doors and eerie silence. Any number of zombies could walk round them undisturbed. Or a simple common-garden murderer!

Anyway, one bad back later, and swollen wrists, and I'm still just as skint! Son wants a tenner to go out with. Can anyone lend me such a thing? There might be some change down the back of your sofa, I could use perhaps? You'll get it back later. Much later.

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