Monday, 4 April 2011

Fat Men

Mien Gott! Took my clothes off in a changing room of a well-known shop today! Lordy! What a grim sight stood before me in that mirror! Bloody hell! Diet for me! Even when I put on this pretty dress - a sort of retro floaty one - I did not resemble that blonde one from Mad Men, as I naively thought I would. You know, Don Draper's ex-wife. I mean, I've got the same blonde hair...... Mind you, I'm sick of Mad Men now. The novelty that they smoke and drink anywhere has worn off for me. Once Don Draper got engaged to his secretary, and Roger lost his witty charm, the infactuation waned. Its gone to Sky Atlantic now anyway. And we don't have that one. Us being tight and everything. Husband in tears because that curvy woman, Joan's not gonna be in it anymore. Good riddance, I say. Four series - sorry, seasons has said it all really. Got to tell my mum I don't want an Easter Egg this time. Not after the debacle last year when she gave my nephew a far bigger one than me. I'm holding a grudge, and I don't care. Shame really, all those happy past Easters swept aside by one thoughtless gesture. But that's how it goes really. Lovely sunny memories of past pets ie rabbits and fish, all buying me eggs from each of them, little china mugs and egg cups that I've kept for years, just blown away. Never mind, eh? She can give me money though if she wants. Quite fancy that film, Logans Run. No, its not been remade like Husband thought. I am referring to that one with Jenny Agutter and Michael York, the one from the early to mid seventies. My mate told me the plot the other day. Have any readers fancied films that are nearly 40 years old? And have only just had the plot explained to them? There's a Superking Light in it for them. Answers on a postcard please.


The Dotterel said...

I always fancy Jenny Agutter... and Railway Children must be over forty years old by now.

Mad Men - never seen it.

Jennysmith said...

Hi D, Yes, there are many men of a certain generation (shall we say) who have a "soft spot" for Ms Agutter. I myself get sentimental about the Railway children and her posh voice.

Funny, her following films seemed to involve her taking her kit off ie Walkabout, American werewolf etc.

No, Mad Men has passed it's peak so don't go there (as an American would say!)

I'm sorry about my post, I can't seem to get paragraphs on it!

I did learn to do them at school, honestly! You believe me, don't you?

Polly said...

Oh Dot, Railway Children. I do love it so.

Stigmum said...

Just seen your comment about paragraphs! It's been happening to me! Bloomin' hell blogspot, whatsup?! Have to write in "edit" now if I want any kind of style. Mad. Men?
On the subject, used to love it, then somehow lost it, and now it's gone Sky high, no chance.
Fancy sitting on a sofa with a massive bag of popcorn watching an old old film? Sod the diet (though I have been thinking that way just this morning..bah, gimme a humbug!) x

Mountain Witch said...

I love old black n' white films, or as my kids call it, "gray t.v." My favorites are the James Cagney, Pat O'Brien gangster flicks. - What can I say? I'm Italian!

Peter Barnett said...
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Peter Barnett said...

Mein Gott - spent 3 years in Cologne (Koln) in the 60s (wish I had gone back to live there).
Have a collection of b/w Fred & Ginger dvds - watch them from time to time. Perhaps the b/w film that made the most impression on me was 'This God Earth' - must look out for a copy.

If we're talking 40 years ago, I got lost in the plot of 'The Deerhunter' (78). Loved the film but needs prozack in the house if it's to be watched again.

Peter Barnett said...

Note "This Good Earth" and haven't a clue why the first comment wasn't 'trashed'!