Monday, 12 September 2011

The F Word

Daughter (15) got 3 A*'s, an A and B for her module things. Son (nearly 13), by a hare's breath, managed to remain in Set One for Maths. Daughter's friend only just scraped by with 3 D's and an E, and Son's pal has gone down two sets for Maths. Neither of them giving a rat's arse. Bringing back sunny memories of my own schooldays, myself not giving a flying fart either. Parents, like the rest of our street, also that way inclined. Further education leading to long hair and drugs and that.
Husband then cast a deep black cloud over my sunny disposition. He said the F word. Yes, after years of being nagged, I have finally caved in and agreed to go to Florida for Christmas.
Twenty-two degrees, they say. Whoever contemplates spending yuletide in such a ridiculous climate? And whats wrong with staying at home cracking nuts, and leafing through the bumper Radio Times? Watching the James Bond film, the lights on at 3 in the afternoon, Husband sleeping it off upstairs. Swept aside without a second thought.
And what about Boxing Day? So cruelly snubbed by our Transatlantic cousins. No visits to my mum for cold meat and pickles. And what the hell do I do about my Christmas cake? And New Years' Eve, without our traditional KFC Bargain Bucket?
Palm trees will replace our fir one, and Christmas stockings will be nixed for endless theme parks. There will certainly be long hot afternoons, this so-called "comfortable" climate prickling my skin. In fact, there will be nine of them.
Watched the Deer Hunter the other night. Would rather go to Vietnam. So would Son.


@eloh said...

Good to see you, will you be hitting a beach or headed for Orlando? I have always wondered why all those theme parks bunched up in one place.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ha, I have a South African friend who loathes going home for Christmas because she prefers sitting in a warm jumper, drinking Eggnog on a grey day stuffing her face with turkey than celebrating with a BBQ on the beach. The only think to do is embrace it and do the enjoy plenty of Christmas cheer (booze)

Suburbia said...

Don't fancy that Rusian Roulette game tho'!

Good to see you back :-)

Jennysmith said...

Hi Treasures, lovely to see you all.

You know, I did answer @eloh's comment about two days ago, but I don't know what the hell's going on here! It bit the dust somehow.


Stigmum said...

Talking about your children's school days you may as well be talking about mine. You put it so eloquently and so on the nail how much we cared!
Christmas might be quite surreal stateside what with it being the capital of the consumer world and cheap too apparently as the pound goes from weak to weak. Keep us posted!