Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Feeling very sorry for myself today.  Am staying in with the blinds shut - and 40 fags! 

Two short story rejections in the space of two days.  One by email, one by post.  Don't know which was worse!  The former, which had a big twist in the tale, was reported to "have no surprises there".  What's the point of having Readers when they don't actually read it properly?  The latter just said the characters weren't engaging enough. 

I wouldn't mind, but the first magazine had sent me a contributer's letter, saying they needed more stories urgently.  Kind of raising my hopes.  Bastards!  Good mind to start one up on my own!  Only it would be biased towards stories about smoking.  There may be a limited readership for this. 

Don't want to look at my nearly completed novel (62,000 words), but I may have to. 

Put some Lime-lite on our grouty shower tiles.  It stinks! 


Polly said...

Jenny, how exciting, your novel is nearly finished? Wow what an achievement.

Stigmum said...

Oh Jen, don't feel disheartened for too long but do write stories with a cig bias! I'd read it! I'm sure I'm not alone either!
I think you're a great writer so don't lose hope,ya hear!

Marie and John said...

Don't be disheartened. It happens to the best of authors.

Tweek the stories a little then re-submit them in a couple of months time. That's what I was told when a couple of mine got rejected.

Chin up


One set of Stevers said...

From what I hear, Persistence is what gets a book bound. I keep hearing stories of how many times some great author was rejected before someone had enough sense to recognize the value in the pages!