Thursday, 13 October 2011


Son is 13 today.  Would you believe it?  That's my toddler!  And, after waiting patiently on the cusp of adolescence, he has finally become a teenager. 

I can't believe it was 13 years ago that I was flat on my back in that delivery room, huffing and puffing, dying for a fag.  Painfully delivering a boy child into the world.  And did I get a word of thanks? Did I Shoot? 

For his birthday, he got a BMX and an Inbetweeners book (filth!).  The cat got him some coloured gel pens, and his sister got him a PC game.  And he had m&ms and Coke for breakfast! 

He put his Inbetweeners book in his school bag, and set off happily for the day.  The promise of a Burger King tea followed by birthday cake keeping him warm on that silly little bike.  

When I was 13, I got one of those crocheted waistcoats.  The older ones of us will remember these were all the go in late 1971.  Mine was bright red with tassels hanging down.  I also got some Holy Cow tights.  White thick ones, with holes going down the side.  The last word in chic round our way. 

I also had a Ben Sherman shirt with a button on each collar, and it was yellow with blue checks.  A bit last-season, and it was my brother's old one. 

I also had, like, a feather cut.  Thankfully, this style has not been brought back into vogue at all.  Where half your hair stays long, and the other half resembles Rod Stewart. 

Every year, this first teenage one being no exception, my mum made a fruit cake with pink icing on top.  Never did like it, but I ate a bit anyway.  And every year I would tell the woman I couldn't stand this type of cake, and yet she would still make the thing. 

However, to give her credit, I would get chops and chips for tea.  So it wasn't all bad really. 

I didn't smoke then.  Still had a couple of years to wait for that one. 

Son really doesn't know he's born.  Couldn't see him in a crocheted waistcoat anyway! 


Chairman Bill said...

I guess that if you wore a Ben Sherman and had a feather cut, you also wore bleached Wranglers with turnups?

Stigmum said...

Massive happy birthday to your boy!! I was gasping for a fag during labour too but they wouldn't let me...spoilsports.
It's all about revivals now too, so your look is bound to come back in!!

Jennysmith said...

I seem to recall turnups came about more mid-seventies, Bill. You're obviously too young for this game.

Bleached Wranglers would have been way out of my league. You would have had to look to Kings Road for THAT sort of thing!

Bless you, Stigmum, for his birthday wishes. Should have held onto that waistcoat, shouldn't I xxxx

Chairman Bill said...

Turnups on Wranglers were definitely 60s. I wore them!

Polly said...

Well I for one would love a look at that crochet waist coat, I think you could still rock it Jenny. Happy birthday to your now teenager, time flies for sure but here I was wondering how 4 years had gone so fast let alone 13.