Monday, 21 December 2009

Random Acts

Am getting too much of this human kindness shit, especially when I'm trying to have my fag and coffee at the bus stop (AND I have it under the shelter!). Some poor bastard, posh bloke, slid straight over on the ice after getting off the bus. His shopping went everywhere. And I could see from his face that he really was hurt - although he stood straight up.

I was in a real dilemna. I could put my fag out and walk over to help pick up his shopping. But suppose the same fate awaited me? With a hot coffee too? Wouldn't I make the whole thing worse? All the same I attempted to clamber over the shiny and ultra icy pavements. I thought it strange the bus hadn't gone off tho' and then, the bus driver got out and shouted to posh bloke as to whether he was alright. I was touched by his concern. He hadn't zoomed off to the next stop and kept to his schedule, he was genuinely worried for his passenger.

The man nodded, somewhat embarassed and the bus went off. Leaving me standing there with a stylofoam cup, looking a bit stupid. And then posh bloke turned to me and begged me to be careful on that part of the pavement as he had just slipped up there. My eyes watered in gratitude. Nearly offered him a fag.

Why can't people just be horrible? And miserable like they usually are? I don't need these random acts of kindness interferring with the only two pleasures I know. Can't people understand that i haven't got time to melt at this sort of thing.

It was like when I broke my toe and had to limp for a while. Nearly everyone at the shopping centre opened doors for me or kept the lift open. They took a break from being nasty. I mean good for them and that but really.......

Bloody car's up the creek, kids have lost their bus passes and I'm fracking cold and miserable. Good to be back to normal.


French Fancy said...

How could you tell he was a posh bloke, our Jen? What spilled out from his shopping bag to denote poshness. Or was it his Hugh Grant- style clothes and debonair air.

Anyway - at least you felt compassionate towards him and I'm sure if he had knocked his head on the kerb and become unconscious you would have rung 999 - after you'd finished your fag of course

Have a lovely Christmas, Jen, and don't get stressed. Have a drink, a laugh and a cigarette.


Jennysmith said...

Bless you, FF, and thank you. You have a lovely one too. Wish we could spend it together.


Marie and John said...

Blame Christmas. People go a bit strange at this time of year.

In case I don't get the chance later in the week, have a wonderful Christmas.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Christmas does have that effect on people, and I see the Brit govt is try to de-Christmastise Christmas, just blogged about it. Horrible thought.

Anyway, have a merry one from one down under and off to the side a bit. Don't make any rash New year resolutions... I don't want to be the only smoker on Earth.


Stigmum said...

Oh you make me laugh! I can well imagine your dilemma for I have been caught with my hands full in the past and it's very much "aaargh, I've got my hands full..." as you so rightly say.
Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I can't have a sneaky smoke indoors where I am so I shall think of you as I repeatedly step out into the 'fracking' cccold!
Take care mamma xxx

Suburbia said...

Merry bloomn' Christmas!Hope you have a good one :)

@eloh said...

Well, with the price of ciggies now-a-days, those in the know could hardly expect us to waste a puff. In that icy weather, sitting coffee would soon be absolutely undrinkable...

What a horrible dilemma to be put in, how inconsiderate can people be, really, and Christmas to boot. Where, oh where, is the milk of human compassion?

disa said...