Friday, 4 December 2009

Santa Baby.....

Hi Treasures. Thought I'd get one on here before the Archers, and sardines and boiled egg. (Listen, its my birthday and i'll have what i want!).

The disadvantage of a birthday in December is that you're thinking of presents for someone else eg the kids. So I' thought I'd take time out to give you all a list of the presents I want at Christmas. This'll give you three weeks or so. And please - no underwear like last year! I mean those rubber basques gave me hell in Tescos - and please do not mention those crotchless knickers. So I'd like more practical presents from you this year. The usual address of course. And don't forget the posting deadline, like you did last year.


Lambert & Butler (200)

Superkings Black (not blue) (200)

Bailey's (prefereably from Nettos)

Bunty Annual

Rothmans (200) (Blue not Red, like you got me last year!)

Molton Brown Bath Salts (nicotine flavour)

Jo Malone perfume (Essence of Tobacco)

Balkan Sobranie fags (taste vile but look beautiful)

I urge you NOT to get me that book about letters to your sixteen year old self. Whoever thought that one up? I mean I don't want to be funny or anything but do you really want to read Julia Swahalia's letter to herself? Or Brenda Blethyn's? I mean perhaps I've got this all wrong but it seems a bit of a polly filler thing to me. I wouldn't dream of writing to myself at 16 - I'd get so depressed. So please please do not send me that frackin thing. Nor one of those little books on Wisdom that line the tills of Waterstones. What a load of old shit.

I hope this is okay. Now what would my lovely pals want?


Dumdad said...


Thanks for popping over to my blogworld.

Yes, I remember the great days of Jimmy White and how close he got to being world champ (6 times finalist!) But he never quite got over the line but what a great player and gentleman. He was always gracious in defeat. And he wasn't a loser - he won every other snooker title apart from the worlds.

I enjoyed reading your list. I remember Sobranie black Russian cigarettes. My grandmother used to smoke Sobranie cocktail cigarettes - each fag was a different lurid colour.

Bon anniversaire.

Jennysmith said...

Gosh Dumdad, what a wonderful grandmother you had! I thought my Gran rocked because she drank Whiskey Macs and had one of those bars in her living room with a soda syphon and everything. She also had one of those posters of a bullfight that you could put your name on. But you may not remember them.

Yes, Jimmy White was a gentleman and still seems to be. I think the whole world was rooting for him by the sixth final. (my mum used to watch that in black and white!) I really wish he would win this jungle thing but I don't think he will.

Thanks for your lovely visit xx

Heather said...

there really is such a book? shudder. and who gives a fuck anyway? theres a load of blog posts on the same theme making the rounds at the mo. I'm hiding and hoping it all goes away pretty soon.

p.s all i want for xmas is pepole to turn their word verification off. or find one that is swear words only.

Suburbia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There seems to be a slight theme to your present list!

All I want is for people to be kind to fluffy kittens please ;)

(hee hee)


French Fancy said...

When I was young and posy I would smoke Sobranie and try and match the colour of my outfits to the colour of the fag. Are they still made?

Belated happy birthday, our Jen

Stigmum said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday dear maaammaaaaaaa
Happy birthday to you!!!!!

Right now I hope you're celebrating with a good ol' glass of something and your favourite Nico Teen!! xxxx

Marie and John said...

Hope you had a great birthday and got some lovely presents.

Ah, Bunty Annual. That takes me back. I also used to like the Mandy, Judy and Diana Annuals.

The joys of being a child.


Jennysmith said...

Thank you, my sweets, for your lovely birthday wishes. Bless you.

Just a quick one as I'm about to disown Husband and kids. Wonder if I could stay with one of you for christmas! Got to have smoking facilities tho'! xxx

Mean Mom said...

Sorry about the red Rothmans, last year. I got you the right ones this time. Sorry there's a few missing, but I've had such a bad year that I couldn't resist smoking a few, before I wrapped them up. I haven't smoked for 30 years, but it looks as if I might have to take it up again.

Merry Christmas! ;0)

(Whatever is wrong with Blogger, this evening? I must have tried 6 times to comment on your post!)

The Crap Blog Detective said...

Your choice of fags is as expected top notch. CBD secretly wondered if Balmoral of ASDAs would make an appearance.'

Here is my list, and you can drop it off at the usual dropbox.

- pipe tobacco
- a magnifying glass
- a hat, preferably green
- a new Watson

CBD xxx

Chellebab said...

Hi, I have a Best Blog award for you on my blog. I hope you would like to accept it but quite understand if you prefer not to participate. Best wishes, Michelle

Jennysmith said...

Lovies, treasures, I am mortified at my lateness in responding to your comments. Its that outside world again, readers! And they're putting me through Hell this week, I tell you. So I am drawing comfort from you.

Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes, my friends. Already that day of indulgence seems so long ago. sob!

Marie, yes, I still secretly re-read those Diana annuals. Diana was very underated I thought.

And yes, MM, I still remember you getting me the Red ones. Tho' I really think you need 'em yourself at the moment. Thinking of you .

CBD, do you know Butlins and Harrods don't do their own fags anymore. But i hold out hope for Asda. I went to Harrods with your list. The pipe tobacco was quite inferior and when I asked for a Watson, they gave me a funny look. Don't know why. But all is not lost, am gonna try my luck at Morrisons.

Michelle, thank you so much. Of course I want to participate and accept. In fact, am flying over to your place now.