Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Stir-up Tuesday

According to the Archers and My Weekly, you should have made your christmas pudding last Sunday. Advent and all that. But what happens if you can't stand all that shit! That inedible load of dark fruit that you need a machete to get through? And as for brandy butter, don't get me started.... What is that all about? You don't even get sixpences in them any more! The only good bit is when they catch fire! Sadly, it doesn't burn very long. Not long enough for me anyway.

However, the creative side of me (as opposed to the smoking side) wanted to stir up something. And Sunday I was sitting in traffic in the pissing rain trying to get to my mum's. (And don't think she appreciated it because she didn't!) so thought I'd stir up something on Tuesday.

Did a Christmas cake didn't I. Put loads of Tesco Value Brandy in it. And tonight its sausage rolls and mince pies. And tomorrow its orange slices covered in Orris Root and dried out in the oven. (Don't ask me what that one's all about!). I wonder why Christmas brings out the creativity in people. Especially me. This is valuable fag time.

Birthday this Friday. Had coffee with a mate yesterday, one today and due another on thursday and friday. I don't mind having dalliances with outside-world people but I can't do anything else. It buggers up the rest of the day. AND you can't smoke in any of these places! As Dennis Leary said: the reason man invented coffee was that you could smoke even more.

Got a bastard of a head. Its either Jeremy Vine or too much Starbucks. Whatever do they put in all that shit? Time for a fag


Marie and John said...

One day I'll get round to making a Christmas pudding but it's the thought of six hour steaming, then three hours on the big day.

You're my kind of cook - a Christmas cake that's 100% proof!!!

Because I can't cook at the moment (hip, or rather lack of it won't let me!!!) John's making the mince pies on Saturday with me supervising.

Haven't made sausage rolls since I did cookery at school. A very kind man from Morrisons makes them for me...

I love being creative at Christmas. There's nothing nicer than having something home made decorating the house.

Gosh, I can't believe that it's your birthday on Friday. It only seems like yesterday when you were celebrating your big birthday.

Hope your headache has gone.



Suburbia said...

Gosh, you've been watching too my Delia!!

(Orris root?What the...!!)

Anyway, glad you're in the festive spirit, even if it is Tesco Value!

Can't stand Jeremy Vine!

Happy Birthday in advance by the way :)


Philip van Bergen said...

Dry them out for several years and they go up like firelighters.

God - I wish you'd facilitate the ability to merely enter a name and URL in your comments section. I usually have to logout and log back in again as Chaiman Bill, but I can't be arsed this time.

Polly said...

I talk about making a pudding every year, Im really good at talking about it!! Im using the baby as an excuse this year....!!

Jennysmith said...

Marie, how lovely to see your name on here again - and you, John. I hope you're recovering well. Yes, I'll tackle that pudding ONE day!
And yeah, the more brandy the better. And looking forward to getting my mitts on those sausage rolls!

Wish I could get my kids to see the beauty of home-made xmas things. They reckon everything should be brand spanking new from Wilkinsons or somewhere.

Get yourself in one of those shops, Sub, eg Neals Yard, Orris Root is supposed to good for thickening sauces and that. Yes, JEremy is a bit of an Alan Partridge really. Its him doing Panaroma that gets me. He's no Robin Day!

Blimey CB, I thought I was getting some new posh follower there. (Not that you're rough or anything). You have unmasked yourself eh? Mousier Zorro.

Darling, I would do something about this sign in thing but I'm really useless at that sort of thing. Any tuition will be welcome.

Polly, congratulations again. Yes, you can hardly do your pudding with that lovely little boy in your arms. We'll do it together one day xxxxx