Friday, 5 February 2010

Godamm it!

Three lots of heartbreak this week. The outside world is so unbelievably cruel, my brothers.

Two stories I sent to a weekly woman's magazine came back in my stamped addressed envelopes on tuesday. Do you know how heartbreaking it is to see your name and address written and posted by you coming through the letterbox. You know full well it is definitely a heartbreak post.

Too gloomy was one of the responses to my story. Gloomy!? That was a comedy sketchshow compared to my real gloominess! They want to see proper gloomy, mate! What sort of world do these people live in? Gloomy, my arse!

And then, two days later, my handmade cards came back by my own submitted envelope. A card company in Kennington - we cannot say why these cards would not work with us but they won't! Godamm it! Maybe try Etsy - or whatever its called.

Two good things tho' - got money for pussy picture in My Weekly and Son got into the school newspaper as a sportswriter. Little drops i know but they are goldust to me at the moment.

Got a godammed Blackberry. Its shit. Don't get one.

Going to the godammed hairdressers xx


French Fancy said...

Well done on the 'money for pussy' picture. Gosh, that sentence does look weird.

Hurrah for son of Jen as well.


Suburbia said...

Just laughing at FF's comment!!

Well at least you have 2 good bits of news. Esy may be the way forward, I remember your drawings, you are very talented.

Marie and John said...

So sorry to hear about your bad news.

Rejection isn't nice. I had a couple of those SAE returned by Woman's Weekly.

Can't remember what mine said. I gave up submitting short stories to them as sugary sweet stories aren't me.

Chin up. Remember JK Rowlings had nine rejection letters for Harry Potter...


Stigmum said...

Sent it back in an SAE? Feckers. At least you got it back though (my stuff disappeared and crikey i want it back as it was true life and I've forgotten the bleddy memory) Hurrah your pic and cut out the son's piece. I'll take your advice and not get the blackberry, even if I win the lottery. Any day now, any day....
Woo woo though to the funniest blogger in town! xxx

Heather said...

am just gearing myself up to start sending stuff out, the inevitable rejection that comes with it holding me back a bit if I'm honest...

Sorry to hear about yours but two good things is better than none, right?

Kate said...

I had loads of manuscripts sent back so I sat down and wrote a short story in ten minutes and sent it off - and... you guessed it, it was published!!!

But I know how difficult it can be!!!

Good luck!