Monday, 3 May 2010

Sort of Rainy Monday

They're off again! These bloody schools! Is it worth them going at all? AND Son is off Thursday 'cos his school is a polling station. Well, so what? So is Daughter's Secondary school but they still go there! Can't this dreadful insititution cope with people coming in with cards and putting 'em in boxes and that? Can't they just not have assembly that day? Half-wits! Ten more weeks and we're out of that place! Mind you, Son's new secondary school apparently shuts for any reason at all!

Went to see the film Life During Wartime yesterday. Don't ask me what it was about, just wanted to get out of the house. A sequel to Happiness - which I did actually enjoy 'cos it was about people even more miserable than me! And who had it much worse! Always cheers me up that one!

Having a drink by some pub or other in Richmond before the film. Outside of course so I could smoke a fag. The bloody Thames rose up and started lapping at our feet! Had to paddle to get to the cinema. Had to dry my bloody pop socks out during the film. And a duck was looking at me funny! Don't trust those bastards!

Thats about it really. Ultra-miserable today. Husbands' taking Son to see Ironman2 later so at least I'll get a bit of peace! Mind you, Daughter can give me earache when she wants.

Only got six fags. Might end it all.


Jennysmith said...

Now I've got make Husband a cheese and ham sandwich! Will this misery and suffering ever end!

French Fancy said...

I'm on the lookout for good films to put on my new movie list with a rental company our here in France. All tips gratefully received


Jennysmith said...

Oh yes, FF, get out Happiness first though.

Will think of some other films for you.


Stigmum said...

A three day school week for my boy this week. He's dead happy about it, I'm er, done in by the Bank Holiday. I need to watch a miserable film now, put life in some perspective! Well done braving the rain yesterday, but six fags left??? Oh mamma, get in some rollies for those desperate moments, then you always have some baccy on hand! xxx (crize is the word I comment copy today which sounds just like the french word meaning crisis!)

Argentum Vulgaris said...

I actually was fagless today for a whole half hour, the world was at an end.


茂恒 said...


Polly said...

Hope you had some decent time out Jen.

Marie and John said...

My old primary school used to be a polling station so we loved the extra day off school.

It never used to cross our minds about the parents having to make extra arrangements. Having said that, this was back in the day when mothers didn't really go out to work. Gosh am I really that old !!!!!