Monday, 26 April 2010

Gloomy Monday

My brothers, your humble narrator is despondent today.

Tried to write my frackin book. Couldn't get anywhere. And neither smoking, strong coffee or the cat could pull me through this. Why is God punishing me? Is it because I haven't been to church for 3 weeks? Well, if it is, then please stop the Vicar from doing christenings during the service then! Do 'em Sunday afternoons once a month like the old Vicar did! Like my own kids had! Do you know what a nightmare that is? Havin 4 brats christened before Communion?
Godparents hovering uncomfortably while the guests take up all the regular seats? Keep it to yourselves, loves!

Anyway, I digress. My motives are sincere for writing this book. I wanna make a fast buck so I can get out of this shithole! My feelings have not changed, o my brothers. But my fingers and mind remain stiff and unmoving.

I've run out of fags! Could things really get any worse? Actually they could, got a pain under my armpit!


Stigmum said...

Yep! I know what a nightmare it is and zzzzzzzzz, I've not been to church for weeks either but my son's doing a fast track communion in a few weeks, so erm, best get him used to it!
No fags???? Shite!! Inspiration cometh when one breathes! A book is a challenge but you can do it! You can you can you can, believe it! xxx (ha ha, the word I have to copy for this comment to go through is: myjazus! God is with us!)

French Fancy said...

Do you go to church, Jen? I'd have thought you would have lots of tales to tell for a book. Keep this persona - it's a good one.

Chairman Bill said...

Mmm - could be lymphoma. Never mind though, could be worse - like writers' block.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Fags, coffee, cat, all essentials.


Marie and John said...

Having written one novel and am on doing the next, it can be extremely hard sometimes to put words to paper.

'Interesting' things come along like cleaning the loo or the AGA to tear me away from it.

Give it a break for a couple of days then go back to it.


Suburbia said...

Can't see why they would want to have christenings with all and sundry! Saves the vicars workload though huh?!

Keep tryig with the book, relying on you being famous and then sending you begging letters!


采瑩 said...

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Polly said...

You'll get there Jen - I have faith!