Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Special Needs

Well, my week has turned to shit, hasn't it. Just like my entire life, in fact.

Working in the frackin shop yesterday, I walk straight into one of those mobile units, the ones with wheels on and sharp corners, where you hang things up. Tore my ankle virtually apart. Ultra pain!

And then, as I was limping in agony, some German comes up and asks if he can try one of the boots that are on display.

Two world wars, and the 1966 World Cup, and he asks me if I can get him a size 8! The cheek of the bastard! Me, virtually crippled, only his type would dare impose on a disabled person like that! The stupid pratt!

Swollen to buggery today. Got one of those support things from Boots. Like an extra thick sock. I guess stilettos will be out for the weekend. Got the Pet Shop Boys at Sadlers Wells too. Bollox!

Got two more days at the shop - oh wah! Will this suffering ever end? Hang on, only got 10 fags left. Just gonna hobble to the off licence!


Chairman Bill said...

Join the ranks of the unemployed - like me.

Peter Barnett said...

Some hold the view that nothing is an accident -these things are self inflicted for some subconscious purpose. Like Sunday when I must have thrown myself over a load of pots in the garden and sprained (I think) my wrist. I still ended up doing the washing up (a man's got to do what a man's got do).

PS Lived in Germany in 66.

Polly said...

Ow, you poor thing, hope that your ankle feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

As long as you've got fags, really the ankle is a minor problem. Fags and coffee they do the trick. I'm lucky, I only have to hobble 11 metres to my fag supply.


Stigmum said...

OW! Goddamn sue your shop, grr, get some compensation. Get them to give you some crutches (to trip up annoying customers)which you can also take with you to Pet Shop Boys (I am sooooo jealous!)
Hobbling off for fags is great exercise! You'll be back on both feet in no time!xxx