Friday, 25 March 2011

Wish You Weren't Here

Husband gleefully sent me an online article, with the above title, about Jaywick (in Essex), claiming it was the most deprived seaside area.

Now I know it's a rathole. Many a time I have stayed in a mate's chalet next door to multi-occupants, and Hari Krishna houses. The dust blowing in our faces. But my childhood memories are too strong to slag the place off like Husband can. All of the Clacton area is magical to me, in fact. Walton-on-the-Naze (getting chatted up by boys), Holland-on-Sea (Gran's house), Leigh-on-Sea (can't remember!), and of course, Jaywick. Drunkenly stumbling down that dirt track to a chalet with frozen pipes and rotten windows. And that was one of the posh ones!

But so what? Husband likes Brighton. Wonder why that is? Because there's like, posh people there, I expect. And they have antique shops there - what a surprise! I mean, big deal! Their beaches are shit, with all that shingle and that. Jaywick has proper sand - albiet filthy.

Well, bollocks to Brighton and thumbs-up to old Jaywick, thats what I say!

My bloody ankle!


Stigmum said...

I'm with you there Jen. I've been to some "wouldn't read about it in a travel supplement" kind of places in our lovely Queendom and I swear, the fags taste sweeter and the booze like nectar in those 'holes' more than in the "would read about it in a travel supplement" place! Aaaah, memories, need a holiday!! xxx

Chairman Bill said...

Never been to an Essex seaside town - the water kind of puts me off. I know what goes into the North Sea, having sailed up and down it more times than I can remember.

Polly said...

Got no idea where you are talking about, but if you say its better Jen, Ill believe you!!

Liz said...

Husband has fond memories of Skegness. Made me go there for a summer holiday in a caravan: the first person I saw there was wearing a sheepskin coat. it's bracing in Skegness.