Monday, 7 March 2011


Well, for frack's sake. All I'm trying to do is find is information on how to make a make-up or wash bag. Got some spare oilcloth, and was going to make some Christmas presents. (I know. I know).
Could I find anything on this internet thing - could I shite! And when I finally did, it just printed out adverts and that, not the actual thing what to do. Bastards!

Saw Frankenstein at the National on Saturday. Directed by Danny Boyle and starring that nice Benedict Cumberbach. Started off dead creepy, this bell ringing really loudly, and like, electrode things going off and that. Then it kind of went off into nothing really.

The Creation creature was okay, felt a bit sorry for him really. I mean, he had a nice personality and everything. I reckon I could have fixed him up with a bird, but Husband gave it the thumbs down. He weren't that hideous. They said it took 3 hours to put that make up on, well, you could have fooled me to be honest! A few scratches on the head and face, and that was it!

Frankensteins' dad was really shite! I mean, shite! He looked like Ainsley Harriott, which is a disadvantage from the start, if you ask me. I mean, did Danny Boyle sit round a table and say, I want a black actor for Frankie's dad, but one that's really shit at acting!? And who looks like a TV chef that gets on everybody's nerves. I mean, he's an oscar winning director, he can probably get what he wants.

Did he also say : I want the supporting cast to be pretty thin and ropey too - or else!

Anyway, Dr Frankenstein didn't know he was born! What about me? I'm trying to create a make up case, he only had to make a human type thing - bloody lightweight!


Polly said...

Such a shame it wasn't that good. I often find tutorials on other blogs, some good some not so good.

Marie and John said...

If you're after drawstring make up bags, they're so easy to make.

Take a freezer bag(whatever size you want), not the zip up ones, open it out length wise so you have one long piece of plastic.

Take your fabric and cut it to the size of the freezer bag, allowing extra fabric for the seam allowances and about an extra 1.5 inch at the top.

Fold down the fabric at the top and stitch it to the plastic.

Sew the two sides together, leaving the two gaps at the top open for the drawstring.

Make two bits of rope by take three or four long lengths of wool and twisting them together.

Thread the two bits of rope into the bag using a safety pin then knot the ends.

One makeup/wash bag.


Jennysmith said...

Marie! You are a genius! At last, someone who has explained this clearly and properly. Think I will abandon the zip kind of ones. That's my surplus oil cloth and Christmas present problems sorted!

Hope you are well - well, you know...

Hi Polly, sweetie. Yes, you're right. Some are great, some arent'.
Hope you're well too. xxxx

Stigmum said...

To think, I was thinking of going to see Frankenstein, I thought maybe it would be decent and chilling and and and in keeping with Shelley's book, some suspense... thankyou for saving me sponds! A fine review methinks, made me laugh as well!

Peter Barnett said...

I think that your site is great, it gave me an idea for one of mine. this is probably the 'least serious I get in public'!

Polly said...

Hi Lovely. We just never know our luck, one day we might just get a coffee together and I look forward to a good laugh when that day finally comes.

The Dotterel said...

Christmas presents? Already? (Or are you late for 2010?)

Jennysmith said...

Hope so, Polly. One day maybe. Husband LOVES Australia ( he lived in Melbourne for a while), so keep your fingers crossed. He would do anything to get back to your lovely ground again!

Hi Stig, no, I really wouldnt' bother that much to be honest.

Peter, I've seen it, its great. So glad you're "on board" - tho' I think Wordpress is posher really.

Dotterell, me old mate, how lovely to see you again! That new baby keeping you awake?

No, I'm usually very early with my Christmas presents. Terrible, isn't it? Sad, my kids would say.