Friday, 12 December 2008

End of an Era

John Lewis has gone straight onto my Bastard List. Straight to number one, faster than Slade's Christmas hit.

All I wanted was a golfing umbrella. The first floor some silly cow told me. The ground floor, some other boffin said. Opposite the jewellery section, someone dressed in black said. Opposite the gloves some other funeral clad lackey assured me. You hear about the straw that broke the camel's back? I handled it in a mature way. I threw son's football that i was going to purchase down to the basement floor of Waitrose and indicated that why couldn't THEY close down and not Woolworths? And no wonder people shop online! (or was that Waterstones I said that to?) Better not go in there for a while.

Honestly, the shit service you get in there. And don't even start me on their drapery department!

I'm still grieving for Woolworths - thats the trouble. Even tho' they're not quite closed yet. I still haven't got over C&A! Do you remember Woolworths' christmas adverts? They used to be a minute long with REAL stars like Fiona Fullerton and Leslie Crowther. You really felt the thrill of Christmas then.

And what's Twickenham High Street going to do now? Woolworths was the last place you could buy toys and games now all the toy shops have closed. And I mustn't give way to my childhood memories of that institution or my eyes will mist up again.

Staying in today. Sod the golf umbrella. Husband can have a box of Ferro Rocher from the local garage.


French Fancy said...

Believe me - if you were John Lewis-less you would not be cross with them. I truly miss having a store of that quality over here. I mean you do get nice places in Paris but JL was always special to me. I'd be lost in the Oxford Street branch now - I used to know where everything was more than the staff did.

Do you ever see the LBC bloke Steve Allen in Twickenham High Street?

Jennysmith said...

Hi FF. No, i don't see him but i believe he switched on the xmas lights last friday. my mum is a big fan of his. and the bloke in Snappy Snaps.

Yes, the Oxford Street branch is quite different to the local Kingston one I have to say.

Thanks for "listening" to my little rant. You're right, i would be lost without them really. better keep a low profile there tho'.

What are you doing at Christmas? xxx

French Fancy said...

We're a little* family here - me, my man and his ma - I'm doing my first ever turkey traditional dinner this year - I've always gone for the quirky alternative one before.

*Oh - and two little bichon frises as well.

How is your cat doing - or shouldn't I ask?

Suburbia said...

Jen, you never fail to make me giggle like a loon! Fantastic post! OMG I'd forgotton C&A!

The Dotterel said...

Me too! And while we're on the subject, I haven't seen British Home Stores for a while...

Jennysmith said...

No, D, they're still going strong. There's a great BHS at Kingston. And I think there's still one in Oxford Street although i can't swear to it. Bring back C&A i say. Man at C&A and Clockhouse and all that.

Rose is fine now, thanks FF. The little sod wouldn't get off son's bed this morning while I was trying to change the sheets. She seems right back to her old self.

That turkey sounds delicious by the way.

Thank you for your lovely comments, suburbia. I love reading your blog too. xxx

Mean Mom said...

I do shop in John Lewis, sometimes, but I can't pretend that I'm an enormous fan of theirs. I won't go into my reasons, though, because I don't want to fill up your blog.

Ah, Woolworths! I felt so sad when I went into my local branch on Monday. It's the most useful store that's ever opened up in our small country town. We will miss it so much!

French Fancy said...

I think there should be Woolworths black armbands given out - ones with their logo woven into it. It should be compulsory to wear one during the last day of trading.

I'm not even in the UK any more but feel very sorry about the demise of Woolies. Their pick-and-mix is part of my childhood.

Braja said...

I'm sorry, I'll try not to comment on every post, because that can be tedious for you...but did C&A close down? I liked that store. I looked for it in Oxford st. in June when I visited and couldn't find it and then couldn't decide if I'd been imagining things 10 yrs ago on my last visit.

I love your rant about the service, or lack of it...I think I would have been louder.