Thursday, 11 December 2008

Time to take off the make-up

Well, its over. The thing I'd been planning for a year is finally over. Never to go into that beautiful room again. (see above - only there wasn't any tables and chairs). Well unless I fork out another £500 anyway.

I was still laying out cheeses and crackers wearing my driving shoes and glasses when the first guest arrived. Luckily it was a close pal. In the end, it all got too overwhelming with serviettes and whatnot and olives that She took over while i went out for a fag with her husband. And that seemed to be the most I talked to someone.

Mates from Ireland and Berlin turned up especially for the event. Which was a little pointless as I spoke to them as much I did to the woman from down the road. Neither did I get my mitts on any cheeese - especially that Yorkshire Blue I'd got from the Waitrose Deli counter.

I seemed to be constantly outside greeting people and smoking. Keeping half an eye out for any new arrivals. The next thing I knew it was 3 o'clock and Husband was making a speech and step mother in law was cutting the cake. (The speech I made him do that is.) Where did that time go? I had barely been in that beautiful room.

My brother was over the other side of the room effing and blinding amongst the posh in-laws. He was trying to embarass me. But I had one valuable weapon - I was too pissed to care.

Going to the Ladies with my Mum, father in law appeared desperately searching for glasses to put away. I gave him a sweet look which said Sod Off You Old Fool. Ungrateful I know. There are natural taker-overs at parties - sometimes they're welcome, sometimes they're not.

By the time the out-laws had thrown away the last plate and packed up the wine (10 bottles left) I said to the remaining stragglers (my mates) that I was going to sit in this lovely window seat in this room of my dreams and actually relax. The moment I sat down I saw it was five to four! I panicked. If you stay over 4 o'clock you get charged another £150! We all legged it out of there. It was a cross between Cinderella and the Big brother House. But there was no Davina McCall to greet us - only a disgruntled father in law and hyperactive children.

Got home and unpacked the remains of the cheese and cake - whatever was i going to do with it all. My head spun from daytime drinking and my mouth tasted of sand. Two pound down because of 2 missing glasses, not to mention the best part of a Bag of Sand. But I wouldn't have changed it for the world.


Suburbia said...

Jenny, such a lovely post! Glad it all went well. It's funny how , whan it's your own party, you seem to do all the work and it's over in a blink of an eye. Beautiful room:)

bigbucketgirl said...

You are a complete star. I bet you shone all afternoon!


Marie and John said...

So glad every thing turned out ok. I knew it would in the end.

I'm sure your friends from Ireland and Berlin wouldn't have minded not spending much time with the 'birthday girl'. Birthday parties are a bit like weddings. You invite people but never get a real chance to chat to them.

If you need a hand eating the cheese and cake I'll be glad to help...


Suzysoo said...

Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Glad it all went ok, even though over too quickly

Jennysmith said...

Thank you for your lovely comments.

Never to set foot in that room again, Suburbia, boo-hoo! And thank you, BBG, I might have done the few moments I was actually in the room.

Marie, believe me, i would send that cake and cheese over to you now if i could. Am i sick of it or what?

Missed you, Suzysoo, come on, get writing. And thank you for your lovely comments. xxxxx

French Fancy said...

YOU DID IT!!! (cheesy exclamation mark overload there). And not a cross word or an argument in sight - even in the face of in-law provocation.

Got to start planning your 60th now.

Did you get some good pressies?