Saturday, 13 December 2008

Oh No She's Not!!!

Yesterday i acheived one of my ambitions. I saw Olive from On the Buses live on stage. Went with mate to the Millfield Theatre in Enfield and saw Anna Karen in the pantomime Cinderella. Sod the kids, i left them with my mum.

My heart thudded when She came on stage dressed as the wicked step mother. I hadn't felt this way since I'd seen Sooty "in the flesh". I wanted to burst into rapturous applause - it was Olive for Gods sake, did n't these people understand this? Well of course they didnt'. They were nearly all under 3 ft. But the worse thing was some of those parents wouldn't know On The Buses either. There were lots of gags about Eastenders where she played Peggy Mitchell's sister but the real core of her allure - eg Stan and Jack - was bypassed.

She looked beautiful actually. Didn't remotely resemble that down trodden wife who was married to Arthur and related to Stan. But to me she will always be Olive.

Cinderella was boring and Dandini and the Prince were camper than the ugly sisters. I thought girls played the prinicpal boys. In fact i'm sure they do. Buttons was quite good, if not a bit fat. Me and mate booed everyone (quietly) except for Olive.

In the interval outside in the pouring rain havin a fag, a theatrical looking lady asked me for a light. I advised her to take it from the end of my fag as she would never get a lighter to work in this wind. I apologised for this common way of lighting up. She smiled with blood red lips - This is panto, darling - she said. I didn't really get it.

My mate was there. His brother was playing one of the ugly sisters. He scrounged an ice-cream off me, the greedy git. Then he went back to his group of mates. When this mate was a professional actor, his pals were really nice people. Even the bitchy screaming old queens were quite sweet. But since he'd turn Semi-pro, his group of amateur chums are really unfriendly and only talk to you if you're "important". Whenever i meet a nice mate of his i instantly know they're professional. Interesting!

Supposed to be going to church today. don't know whether to or not. will think about it. Desperate to ask "olive" what she felt about Reg Varney's recent departure.


French Fancy said...

The minute I saw the name 'Olive' this smile appeared on my face. I then said 'I must read you this blog entry' to long-suffering Mr FF (he sometimes randomly says 'Butler' in that way. I am so glad she was good - it must be rotten for actresses to have to play ugly old bags.

I agree with you about the airs and graces of some actors. I've worked at a couple of theatres and give some actors a line or two and they will barely acknowledge your existence

Henry the Dog said...

I found your site through French Fancy and it's dead funny. Mum wonders if you were initially from yorkshire, because you use some words that Yorkshire puds like my mum does. Mum worked with some luvvies too when she lived in London and has the same opinion about them as FF has. Mum also used to smoke and sometimes wishes that she still does. I see you've got a controlling cat - should have got a dog. Much easier:)

Suburbia said...

I do remember Olive! I can't imagine her being beautiful though!!!

Did you go to church?

Suzysoo said...

I used to love all those old programmes-On the Buses and Love Thy Neighbour and The Carry On films. The world was a better place then, I think.

Jennysmith said...

Hi FF, thanks for your comments. "I Hate you Butler!" what an immortal line. There was someone on radio 2 recently who did a fantastic impersonation of Blakey.

I used to want to be a clippie when i watched On The Buses and wear a short skirt and go to the canteen with Stan and Jack.

There's only Stephen Lewis and Anna Karen left now!

Welcome Henry the Dog and thank you for your lovely comments. Tell your Mum that I've only been to Yorkshire once to work at a caravan park near Filey. I'm as southern as they come but I find Alan Bennett and other talented people from Yorkshire a great inspiration and it sounds like it shows!

I love your blog too, Henry the Dog, its very clever. Won't show it to Rose the Cat tho' or sparks will fly!

Gosh, Suburbia, i didn't go to church after all. AND there was no excuse either! Wasn't ill or anything. Glad Olive means the same to you too.

Hi Suzy, yes I think I agree with you. In lots of ways the world was different. And TV was so much better.


Braja said...

My God, I just flew back to the seventies with this one! Olive and Reg Varney....flashbacks :) I loved that show, isn't it ridiculous?!