Sunday, 28 December 2008

The washing machine is on my Bastard List. Why is a wash cycle taking twice its time? Theres nothing more scary than an out-of-control washing machine, except perhaps a zombie or something.

Four quid a week we pay those cowboys to rent this thing. Am I going to let them have it! And as for bloody Laurel and Hardy who plumbed it in ("we didn't bring an instruction mannual") - to think i offered them a cup of tea!

My bad tempered state is nothing to do with me biting a hot mince pie and getting severe toothache . It really isn't. Or the stinking cold i woke up with today. Its quite irrelevent, it really is.

Christmas was super actually. Despite my gloomy disposition. The kids got fantastic presents, WE got fantastic presents, even the Cat got a good one! What i've always secretly wanted tho' is -
a) 200 fags
b) Bailey's
c) Ferro Rocher

I know these are not impossible things but i never get them somehow. Is it so very wrong to hope?

This is a funny time, these in-between days at the last lag of December. The Christmas tree looks a little dusty now and your stomach hangs over your belt from all those chocolates. And your Husband gets on your nerves! He goes to work tomorrow - hooray! I expect he's cheering too in the next room.

On Saturday, took Daughter to the Harrods Sale. Don't ask me why. I don't know what possessed me to go. And the ground floor was brimming with people clutching moutains of boxes that looked a bit dodgy health and safety wise. but we went one floor up to the most unpopular department of all - the Ladies Plus Size bit. Didn't find what i wanted and i got bullied by this glamorous looking girl into buying these Caroline Charles trousers reduced to 50 quid. Why did i get them? This always happens to me in sales. I never get anything i remotely want.

Well, they're a nice colour but when i take them home, i find they are 100% silk. Well, thats no good to me. I can't slob about in Tescos or anywhere in bloody silk trousers can I ! I also have nothing to go with them. Will post a photo of them.

Today, to overcome my washing machine "issues" we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. (There I am again! In bloody Central London! Why do I keep coming here!). It was a nice German market thing, if a little expensive. But I have to say, the ice rink was really big and impressive. The kids and Husband skated, I didn't. Had a coffee and a fag.

So £43 later , we came out and I went home to bed. I mean really, between Caroline Charles and those bullying Germans, I was cleaned out. That reminds me, i've got work tomorrow - after i've let the washing machine people have it of course. Bastards.


Suburbia said...

OMG I love your Bastard list!!

Sorry you're poorly. And I sympathise with having Husbands at home......driving me mad too! What I wouldn't give for an empty house for an hour or two!!

Thanks for your comments at mine, much appreciated and always nice to see you :)

Jennysmith said...

Thanks, Suburbia, for understanding. Yes, HE is in the next room at the moment, shouting at the kids. Doesn't go back now till Friday - wah!

Happy New Year to you xxxx

Suzysoo said...

I'd say that is a pretty reasonable, normal and healthy Christmas list. I suppose there's always next year...

I had to brave Asda this afternoon or starve over the New Year. It was heaving and absolute hell! I'm right off shopping at the moment, especially food shopping.

Winter Wonderland sounds like fun though. Sorry you feel rotten. Happy New Year xx

French Fancy said...

Oh that was a nice surprise - I popped in and saw that I'd missed this one. I wonder how it happened. Wouldn't it be funny if your cig smoking, baileys drinking, ferrero rocher scoffing was just your blog persona and you were really a vegan from the Hebrides with just chickens and goats for company.

Hope by the time I whizz up to your latest post I find that you are feeling a mite better. I'd swan around in your silk trousers for a bit if I were you. You'll feel luxurious (and bloody cold) in them.