Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bloody Football!

Haven't posted for a few days, my hand is killing me. Swollen up with veins standing up bright blue. Woke me up the other night. Its obviously a terrible curse put upon me. I bet Fatso knows something about this.

And don't think i got any sympathy from him either. He was looking a bit dejected when i went in there today. His last two novels "My trips to the Cash & Carry" and "There's no bloody Barcode on this one!" have not been well received. They can currently be found in the bargain basket at Wilkinsons. And his Groucho club mates have been seen wooing and flirting with the Polish Grocer up, the road. If you ask me, he's better off without them, all that bloody twittering from Stephen Fry and Jonathon Ross. But he hasn't asked me so i'll keep quiet.

Got wound up this morning. What a surprise! Some Dad at the school gates told me my Son was good at football but not exceptional. Bastard. And how funny this Dad should get such insight. And what a coincidence that his own son never ever gets picked for the school team like mine. How strange that is. Oh Lordy! Can't they just play lacrosse instead?

Hand hurts. Going for a fag.


Suburbia said...

What have you done to your hand? Did I read about it last time and forget?

You can have my painful foot if you like to go with it?!!!! At least one of us would be normal then (am I ever?)

Sorry about your issue at the school gates, sometimes, if people have opinions about things, they should keep them to themselves. Sounds like a dose of jealousy to me!

Have a happy day!


Marie and John said...

You poor thing. First your toe and now your hand. What are we going to do with you ! ! !

You don't think it's the work of the worry dolls trying to get your attention.

I better be nice to mine in case they decide to set my other knee off...

I agree with Suburbia. I think the Dad was jealous of your son's ability. Time to bring back your B****** list.


Chairman Bill said...

I find Your use of Capitalisation intriguing.

Polly said...

So glad you hurt your hand, Ive been too bloody tired to log on and was afraid of having hundreds of posts to read - but seriously I do hope its ok.

Maybe that guys son should learn chess and leave your son to his football.

The Dotterel said...

Football's a game for nancy thespians, don't yer know. Now rugger, well - that's a different matter. (Btw, was that Fatso at the opening night of The Specials tour?)

Jennysmith said...

Hi Sub, no you haven't missed anything. Anyway you can't take in everything! Poor foot, hope its better soon. Hand throbbing a bit. Yes, you're right, bitter and twisted city there . Take care

Hi Marie and John, Yes, dusted the Bastard List up today. All nice and polished and ready for action!

I know what you mean, Chairman Bill and i don't know why i do what i do. I think its the voices telling me to put the capital letters there.

Hi Polly . Sorry you're so tired sweetie, it seems never-ending at the time i know. hope you have a bit more of a restful weekend.

So, D, THAT explains why the idle git didn't have any carrots in his stupid shop yesterday! Too busy galavanting after pop groups with long hair and that! xxxx

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

You're such a brave soldier to continue holding a cigarette while your hand hurts. I don't know how you do it. Fatso doesn't deserve you.

troutay said...

What the heck is wrong with your hand?
You post and post and then leave us hanging and worrying. Whats wrong with your hand and is it better!