Sunday, 12 April 2009

Point of No Return ?

Well, my Mum wrote out a cheque as if she was making out a shopping list. So it seems we can conquer our dream house after all. All we can do now is just sit here until we hear something.

Have been talking to my Worry Dolls a lot. They seem to be badly needed this week. I got them in Mexico and they're tiny little peg dolls in a little box. You have to tell them your worries at night and then put them under your pillow. And they will solve your problems for you. And I tell you what, they really come up with the goods. Every problem i've had since 1994, they've worked on it.

I told 'em i was worried about asking Mum that money thing. They fixed it. Told 'em i was worried about helping with the wine after the Easter service yesterday. Went like a dream didn't it. I'm now worried about Daughter's party on Saturday, i really hope they don't let me down. There's no specific reason for worrying about this, I just happen to dread every party we've arranged for the past 13 years.

Mind you, they get a bit stroppy these dolls. They've started demandin things like visas and the right to vote. And now they want me to take them to Westfield - and pay! So you've got to watch the little sods.


bigbucketgirl said...

oooh. i want to see this house! is there a website? a link? to make both husband and wife fall for it it has to be special!??

thanks for the comments about my photos! my camera is a Fuji Finepix A820. It was a 'grab it in argos 'cos i can't choose' sort of choice! and i really like it! it's not the nikon one i dream of...but until then i point and click and it does the job! I'm having some images made into cards and prints because people have emailed me for them! Weird!

the baby...a model of Henry IIV. He was born in Pembroke castle many years ago. We went because my daughter is a Tudor nut. She is history mad...especially the Henrys.

still loving your make me laugh so hard. xxx

bigbucketgirl said...

oh. i have been scolded and slapped by the 8yr old tudor nut. the baby was Henry VII. Ooops.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I too have worry dolls, they are delightfull arent they and kinda magicall!

I also have a glass hope fairy, I tell my wishes to!!

Polly said...

I haven't seen worry dolls for years - good to see they are getting some use. I think I could do with a set or twelve, but then If I wasn't worrying Im sure my husband would think and alien had overtaken his wife.

The Dotterel said...

Those worry-dolls sound like magic fairies. Take 'em to Westfield, quick!

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

I am pleased you will be able to get your new house. Mums come up trumps, don't they?

Those Mexicans, they're the same where I live too. But over here they don't pay taxes, although they do share their pet cockroaches with everyone. Which is nice.

So where is the house? Or is it not a house? Perhaps you're buying a Spar store opposite Fatso and you'll all live upstairs? COme on, you can't be moving away and letting him off the hook!

Jennysmith said...

Hello sweeties.

Bless you for your lovely comments BBB, nice to see you. Good old Argos eh? Where would we be without them? Well, its a super camera BBB and a great choice - even if it was a random one.

I've got a lovely Cannon SLR digital thing but i can't seem to get as good as images as those. You're being very modest there.

It was a super baby anyway whatever Henry it was.

Hi FFF, i want to get my hands on one of those fairies !

Yes, Polly, people seem to be aware of worry dolls generally. i always thought they sounded spooky until i got some. Buy some more and get them under that pillow of yours now!

Funny, D, but i'm actually going to Westfield on monday. was going to keep it from "them" but you're right, perhaps they should come with me.

Lovely to see you again, Dave, thanks for your encouraging comments. I was surprised when i went to Mexico, i thought they'd be sweet and lovable like that one in the Topper comic (can't remember his name but he had a huge sombreo) but they weren't really. They were actually quite hostile. To them i was just another "gringo". Another illusion shattered. But at least i made pals with the Worry dolls and sneaked 'em into the Uk.

Do you really think i'd move far from Fatso? The house is all of a quarter of a mile away from here.

Running a Spar or Happy Shopper would be a dream come true. Imaging the rivalry between me and Fatso. At the very least it would give him a bit of excerise! xxxx

Marie and John said...

I've never heard of 'worry dolls' before.

Where can I get them as I could do with their help at the moment...


Suburbia said...

Oh Jenny you always make me laugh!

I think I need to get some of those dolls, but some that don't know their rights!

I do know what you mean about the parties. 12 years of worries for me, though the parties are always fine, but there is such pressure for them to be 'right' isn't there. Good luck with yours.

PS, If I send a begging letter do you recon your mum would lend me a fiver?!!!

Jennysmith said...

Hello M&J and Sub

If i could , i'd fly over to Mexico right now and get you some and deliver 'em personally to your door. Everyone should have some. Only don't let them walk all over you like mine have! (They are now demanding a car !)

I think you can get them over here in ethnic sort of markets eg i saw some for sale at a German market recently. So get looking!

Sweetie, i would give you a fiver myself! And yes, every year i go through this. Why do we do these parties? want this saturday to be over with !!! xxxxx