Friday, 1 May 2009

Bloody Doctors ........

Sneezing and coughing this week, have a hell of a chest (ooer!). Convinced its Swineflu - tho' my mate suspects its Wine flu. But she doesn't understand. I was too scared to tell her I went to Mexico in 1994, I am potentially at risk.

They were bloody filthy over there. They boil their kettles with the hot tap and they sneeze without putting their hand to their mouths. And God knows what else - i was too afraid to look. And I reckon this has all crept up on me slowly!

Took Son to the doctor yesterday because of his (nit-free) itchy head. Didn't want it to get all painful and inflamed like mine did. Appointment was 9 am and despite a quiet surgery with two patients waiting, we still didn't get to see the old cow until a quarter to ten. Right in the middle of Son's head consultation, her phone rings and she tells us to wait back outside. 10 minutes we were bloody stuck there till she called us back in. I really had the hump by then. Had a go at the old bitch. Its been chaotic today, she said by way of explanation.

Now listen, i've worked in Tescos, i've seen and experienced chaotic. There was nothing remotely chaotic in that tin-pot surgery and i suspect the old whore took a personal call. Wrote a bloody letter to the practise manager and gave it in today. Get the old bag struck off! If nothing else, it'll give the cow a kick up the arse. Bitch.

Going now. Hungry.


Chairman Bill said...

I'd stay off the Mexican chili con carne if I were you, which I ain't.

French Fancy said...

I didn't know you'd left Tesco. Whatcher doing now?

Boo to your medical practice. Hurrah for our lovely French doctor - he kisses my hand and tells me I'm beautiful - he's blind as a bat obviously. And he doesn't tell me to lose weight - that's a big plus.

Marie and John said...

I heard on the radio that the Scottish couple, who were the first to get Swineflu in the UK, have sold their story to the papers, and have employed Max Clifford as their publisist.

Given that you caught it in 1994, I think you should sell your story.

Next time you have a doctors appointment, I would be an hour late, then tell them you've have a chaotic day. What's good for the goose...

Seriously, good for you in complaining. Because most of us can't afford to have private health care, the NHS thinks it can treat everyone like dirt. It's time they were brought down a peg or too.

Rant over...

Have a great weekend.


Polly said...

Why is it that Dr's feel they are so special that they don't need to bother about time - I know I couldn't possibly be as self important or remotely in demand so I guess I just could never understand.

Hope that you feel better soon, and its simply piglet flu as opposed to the Swine

Blu said...

Your doctor sounds unprofesional. tut.

Woman In The Midst: Raw said...

I have similiar experiences at my dr.s as well. Just recently I sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half BUT it wasn't the dr.'s fault, it was the girl behind the window. She said to me, "Oh, sorry, I forgot to pull your chart." I told her, "If this window appears to be too much of a challenge for you, perhaps you should apply yourself at this sort of window, "Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order."" - She was fired the next day. I felt bad for half a nana second.. I suppose if I had the sniffles instead of CANCER, I wouldn't have been quite as upset... But then again... ;)

Suburbia said...

Hi Jen

Hope the Tammiflu has worked as I haven't seen you about for a bit!

How's things?

S x

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Sorry to hear abut the Swine flu. Those bloody Mexicans. I've had trouble with the Mexicans next door to me and they all deserve a kick in the arse.
I'm only just catching up on all your posts for the past few weeks. You've been busy! What's happening with the house purchase?