Thursday, 28 May 2009

What Time is it now?

Well, its been a long week. And only Thursday already!

Have sneaked out to the library to print some things off my memory stick - only to find the informations' not there! What have I done This time?
Was really stressed and hot in this subdued and closed in room so lit a fag. Do you know they gave me really dirty looks!

Husband off this week as well as the kids - so thats made it more stressful than ever. Doesn't he see that its too much ? And don't think he's any help either - he always wants a lie-down or is always moaning. I know that sounds a bit mean but from having the house to myself, I've suddenly got the 3 of them there!

And he's mad. I would have taken the time off when the kids were at school! Anyway told him I wanted to go out for a couple of hours. And now the fracking memory stick won't do it - whatever its supposed to do, that is.

Half terms are funny things. At least for me. You make preparations for the actual holidays but this funny week stuck in the middle can get you by surprise. I remember such lonely half terms: the one in 1973 was probably the stinkiest. Went to a party on Saturday at my mates, got off with a boy (one snog) and then the rest of the week went dead. No friends about, not one word from The Boy, nothing. Spent it laying on my bed and a trip to the library - bit like now really.

And then there was a terrible one in 1976, that terrifying heatwave around the corner, and likewise I lay on the bed all frackin' week. What a miserable cow, why do i only remember the stinky ones. I'm sure there were some good ones too - I think........


Suburbia said...

Jen, you need a good old glass of wine, a few fags and a chin wag! Wish we lived closer.
While Husbands at home, why don't you have a day out to yourself?

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Give them each 5 fags and a can of lager, tell them to get out of the house and not come back until 6pm. That's what my mum used to do.

troutay said...

When no one is looking, disappear out the door. Go look at stuff, eat out, buy something silly.

Just get away for awhile.

Rebel Mother said...

OMG! Really made me laugh.

Dont worry - we're nearly at the end of half term...just a couple more days left....Yeah, I'm not sure I'm going to make it either. RMx

Rebel Mother said...

Award for you over at mine - hope you like it. RMx

Polly said...

Hey Jen - I left you an award on my blog.

Jennysmith said...

Hello sweeties, at last i can get on here. Half term over.

sorry about that meltdown in the library last week. And I still can't think of one decent half term! But bless you once again for your support.

Yes, Sub, I wished we lived closer too. i really do. And yes, Dave, so did mine. never did me any harm either.

And thank you too troutay for your lovely words of comfort.

And you two, my two lovely pals, thank you so much. am deeply honoured. will get them on this page now.... too moved to type any more now - sob! xxxx