Sunday, 24 May 2009

Slum Landlords

Nothing to say these last few days really. Just been buried in hopelessness.

Went to Fatso's for sympathy about the house. Told him all about my crushed dreams and disappointments. He looked at me intently. Some would say blankly.
"You want carrier bag?" he said in the end.

This was the only kind of comfort he knew how to give.

I walked out the shop, shoulders hunched.

Go the young Poles' shop next door thats quite good for vegetables and that.

"You have room?", he says to me
"Do what?", I say
"You know room I can rent?"
What? I'm Rackman now am I?

If I wasn't a better person I would say: yeah, I've got a house round the corner going for £269,999 but we're open to offers!!
Instead I merely said: "Where are you living now?"
"Its ok," he replied, "I'm married."

Well, for fracks sake.

That afternoon a woman from Northern Ireland made an offer on the house.


Chairman Bill said...

Was she an MP?

Rebel Mother said...

That previous comment made me crack up!

Chin up - all is not lost. It just takes time. I'll keep my bits crossed for you...RMx

Marie and John said...

Chairman Bill - I like it!!!

Jenny, I wish I lived near so I could give you a big hug.

I've had a word with my worry dolls, and seeing as you are having problems with your dolls, they've said they're just a phone call away, should you need their help.


troutay said...

Good luck. I would burn prayer sticks, but I am not Native. I would crack coconuts but I am not Hindi,
I would pray but......

French Fancy said...

I bet Fatso and the Pole both think you are after them. Fingers crossed about the house

Jennysmith said...

Hello Treasures.

Yes, I like that one too , Bill.

Bless you for your hopes and wishes. Gonna have to close my eyes and get on with it I think. but its beginning to feel like I'll never get out of here!

It sounds like you have much better worry dolls than mine, Marie.

And so lovely to see your words, FF and Troutay.


Anonymous said...

Well at least you have an offer. I hope it was a good offer?

hand-knitted muesli said...

any surplus purchasers - send them our way - 15 acres in Hawke's Bay NZ - :)

Polly said...

Oooo Jen I hope its a good offer and you get your sale after all.

Suburbia said...

A good offer?