Friday, 15 May 2009

What a week...!

What a week this has been, my readers and only friends:

On Wednesday, Son didn't get through the football trials and today, our Buyers have pulled out. Made redundant - what sort of excuse is that? Their Lenders have immediately withdrawn their offer.

We have lost at least 1500 quid and we've got to go back to viewers tramping all over the fracking house. And of course, our dream home, a quarter of a mile away is sailing out to sea as I write.

Oddly enough, according to our gutted Estate Agents, the original builder of this house has also had a property fall through today. He is going to tell him about this one. But whyever would the bloke want to come back? He built it in 1985, thats it for him, isn't it.

AND I've got to work all weekend at that fracking rugby stadium! It doesn't bear thinking about. Oh Lordy!

Have any of our readers got a worse weekend than this one? A Superkings fag will go out to the most grimest and miserable of prospects.

Heard on Jeremy Vine that some MPs may consider suicide after this scandal about living expenses and second homes and that. So things aren't all bad...........


Milla said...

oh what a bummer. It's no consolation to say that our last house took TWO YEARS and NINE OFFERS (shouting totally nec) to offload. On and off the market like a whore's knickers. So upsetting. All that tidying. All that smiling and nodding and answering *uckwit questions about catchments and heating bills. Like, Just *loody Buy It. And, yes, one time they let us know scant minutes after the survey (aka £500 for a bored drive by) on our supposed next house. An evil time and you have my sympathy. Can't trump you on the weekend though.

Chairman Bill said...

Wanna buy a nice 2 bedroomed Dutch barge?

Rebel Mother said...

It took us about two years to sell our house too, then the next one took two mins! Where's the logic???
Keep going - it will sell. x

French Fancy said...

Oh Jen, I am sorry. Why are you out of pocket though? I hope you have a hassle-free rugby work weekend


Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Sorry, I can't beat your bad weekend. Worst thing I have to do is change the blade on the mower. I really wanted that Superking as well.

Sorry to hear about the house. But doesnt that mean you get to keep their deposit?

The Dotterel said...

Well I'm on me own with a load of nappies! And it's raining. Again.

Suburbia said...

Oh, much worse, I am spending it at home with Husband!!!! (does that get me a fag? I don't smoke, but this weekend could drive me to it!)

Sorry about your house and that you have to work. If only you could sail away with your dream home ;)

Mean Mom said...

Welcome to the Slough of Despond! I think I could top your weekend, but it's all a bit too personal. Suffice to say that I have a big concern about each member of my close family, at the moment.

Sorry about your problems. Moving house is so stressful and it's awful to be 'on show' all the time. Hope things improve for you!

Jennysmith said...

Hello, my lovely friends, thank you for your great comments - may I say how impressed I am with all the contenders. Each of you can give me a good run for my money.

Dave, my worse nightmare would be changing a blade on a mower. D, I have strong memories of being stuck in with little ones and loads of nappies. And shite weather.

That was a pretty good one too, Sub. a grim prospect for you.

And you , MMM, I know you're going through it too.

Therefore a consolation prize of 4 dogends are in the post to each of you. There's about a third of the fag left each - you can get about 3 drags out of them - not as classy as a Crackerjack pencil I know but these are hard times. You should receive them in the post sometime this week.

Thank you again Milla for your support and wittiness. And Bill, that barge sounds idyllic, am torn between that and living in Venice.

Rebel mother, how nice to see you. Thank you for your words of encouragment.

Bless you for your words of kindness FF. The stupid survey costs at least a thousand and legal fees too.

See you soon xxxx

Rebel Mother said...

I've got something nice for you over at mine - you might not sell your house with it, but you can stick it up on your blog wall! It's a Lovely Blog Award. Hope you enjoy it. RMx

Suburbia said...

Thanks for the dogend, cheered me up so much I nearly called off the divorce (only joking!)

Polly said...

Well my weekend involves being ditched for Rugby, so I can share the weekend bashing with you if you like.