Friday, 23 October 2009


Just a quick one before I go to work, o brothers. (yes, work, me! With my nerves and aspirations and everything..etc etc. .....)

Went on a train the other night to that O2 place. Got off at Waterloo. Told Husband I was having a fag before we got on that funny Jubilee line thing. Went out the station and opposite was a cage(!) with Smoking Area posted on it.

"I am not getting into a fracking cage to smoke!" I told Husband politely. What is this world coming to? Its a side entrance at Waterloo where lorries drop off things and that. Whyever would you have a designated smoking place there? And I'm tossed if I was entering a buggering cage?

There were a few meek smokers in there and I glared at them, trying to make them aware of their betrayal and stood directly outside it and lit up. I noticed a few others did beside me.
Husband looked worried. Let 'em call the Police, I told him. And who exactly were going to call the police? The porters? The men in the lorries? The man at the Costa stand? For fracks sake! A cage , my arse.

I mean I've gone along with this No Smoking shit quietly so far. Simply because I've had no choice. But there are times when you need to kick out at these bastards.

Will be back soon for part two. This will include not being able to smoke near that dreadful shitty dome thing and how high up I had to frackin' sit. Oh yeah, and about the pop group I went to see.


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Nothing like a "quickie" before work...

What was the question again... Oh yes, Smokers should unite. Fancy being caged to have a fag, bugger that!


wordify... mun kag me, sounds like a Jamaican version of your post LOL

Kate said...

I remember a perspex sort of room at Birmingham airport - if you went in you didn't need to light up - the place was full of smoke! Its not there now ...God knows what they were thinking about.


Polly said...

A cage? I can't even imagine Jen.

Yes belly is growing rapidly I fell like a walking beach ball!! If DD can take a slightly decent piccy I may put up for the world to revel in my hugeness!!

Hope you are well xx

French Fancy said...

I remember even as a hardened smoker how difficult the smokers' carriage on the London tube used to be. I bet the air was just the same in the Waterloo cage.

Suburbia said...

Can't wait for part 2!

@eloh said...

I'm always in for kicking out at the bastards.

The bad army wife said...

I m new to blog world and love your blog btw, as an ex smoker u make me chuckle! I also love the pic of ur kitty, she is beautiful x

The Crap Blog Detective said...

Your life isn't empty, its full of potential cancer opportunities! xxx