Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Laptop Affair

Sweeties, lovies, once again the treachery of fate has taken me away from the only friends I have ever known. The small crumbs of comfort I have ever been able to pick up from the cold floor. The only.... oh alright, I'll tell you. There have been laptop issues - or baggage as my mate would say.

A stork is bringing a new one. Why can't that bloody Dell have a frackin' shop? Its alright for them looking smug on their advert - lease out a premises, mates, and put a sign on the window. Never did PC world any harm!

So am furtively on this one (Husband's) for now. Bloody pain in the arse.

There was also the Thumb Affair. Bloody breaking Pistachio nuts with me thumbs, suddenly got this terrible and evil pain go through one of them. Bastard was throbbing all last week. I was this close to going to Casualty. NOT that anyone in this bloody house cared! But I am used to lack of emotion and love. Grown up with it.

Anyway, was on the verge of going, then the bloody pain lessened. Just like Rosemary's Baby - spooky!

Got my Christmas booze in. Tesco Value brandy and Tesco Imperial vodka (the small size), this'll do me. Husband has sneered at their cheapness but I bet if he had to put HIS hand in his pocket - well!

My one xmas outing that I'm really looking forward to is : "Its a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart is on at the Richmond Curzon over christmas. Have always wanted to see that on the big screen. Will be first in that queue. Who wants to come? It can be our little seasonal outing. Bit like an office party if you will. I'll bring the fags - hope everyone likes Caption of Strength. Couple of you can bring some Baileys (supermarket brand of course) and someone else can bring the sweets. Let me know when's a good time


The Crap Blog Detective said...

Obviously I've reviewed the film and it's crap, but Baileys and fags are enticing.

I haven't reviewed knock-off supermarket spirits yet but I hear Tesco Value is better than Asda Smartprice.

CBD xxx

Argentum Vulgaris said...

and such is Christmas in Twickenham. We don't have Tesco, still I've got a couple of bottles of Argentinian kerosene left from last year, I think there's a bottle of Brazilian rocket fuel there too. Should be right...


Jennysmith said...

Now, CBD, I can't believe you haven't spent christmases of your childhood weeping over that black and white classic on TV. Just like me. How can you shut the door on those feelings?

Tho' strangely enough, it wasn't a big hit at the time.

I don't go near Asda, sweetie, too rough. Tesco's is classier these days. Get down there now - I tell you - and load up with their brandy, vodka and liquer stuff. You'll never look back.

And I wanna see that review! Will see you in the queue. Will be worth turning up for the booze and fags, as you say. We'll get there early.

Gosh, Argentum, what are you still doing there in Brazil? With goodies like that, you should be legging your way over here now. Will definitely save YOU a place in the queue !


The Dotterel said...

I'm allergic to Bailey's. Can I bring Scotch?

Jennysmith said...

Only if its from Nettos, own brand that is. Now, how are you on snout? Senior Service or no. 6? or will you just bring your own shag in a tin? Tho' don't teachers smoke pipes? xxx

Stigmum said...

Thank god for fags I say, thank god for booze! When are you going to the pictures? If it's my free weekend, I'll see you down there, with a bottle of Baileys (gift from the mother out law and had no-one to share it with since she gave it), me own pack of roll ups (I couldn't nick yours, far too precious) and a box of tissues cos in cinemas my nose runs when I cry. CBT, clearly you won't have to sit near me!

Stigmum said...

whoops, CBD not CBT... tsk.. sounds the same especially after a bottle of anything...!

Rebel Mother said...

Ooh, I could do with an airing.

I'll bring the sweets.

Your Thumbs Affair really made me laugh. I've actually done the same thing with my middle finger - dont ask me how.

Still hurts now......

Love RMxx

French Fancy said...

That is such a lovely film - well I suppose it's too sugary by today's standards but I've always loved it - hate the Wizard of Oz though.

Shame about the lappy - hope your new one arrives soon


Suburbia said...

Any time's a good time, sounds a great plan, particularly the Baileys!

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