Thursday, 15 April 2010


Ultra quick one today, o'my brothers. More important than fags - no, this is not a misprint - is the Archers at 2 o'clock. And I think there's a good play after. Couldn't tell you what tho', as i've forgotten.

There was a good one yesterday on Albert Speer. During his 20 year prison sentence at Spandau, he went around the world in his head. Now, if that had been me, I would have been truly fracked. I've hardly ever been abroad. Mind you, I've been to Clacton on Sea a few times, but even then not for years.

A few years ago, when a book about Albert Speer was out, my daughter being a toddler then and liking books herself, I went in Waterstones to buy Husband Albert's book for his birthday. Not being able to resist getting one for my little angel, I put Speer's book on the counter along with Miffy Cleans Her Teeth or something. How me and the cashier laughed. And I said:
"Albert Speer, Hello Magazine, they're all the same to me."
How we guffawed.

Well, I suppose you had to be there really

Bloody Hell! Fag AND the Archers! ta-ta


French Fancy said...

Oh dear, I'm so ignorant that I've never heard of Albert Speer. I must go and find out about him. I've heard of Miffy though.

Suburbia said...

Love Miffy,, not heard of your man!

Missed the Archers loads recently, love the 2pm to 3pm R4 slot! :)

@eloh said...

I used to use old Albert Speer's drive way to turn around and get my car headed in the right direction....

Only two villas on that little mountain... he was one and I was "personal security" for the other guy.... an American General.

Oh what laughs we used to have over the irony of that screwed up situation.

Jennysmith said...

Gosh FF, you with your fancy book-learning too.

Yes, Sub, Miffy has a special place in my heart. Yes, I love that slot, its the highlight of the day for me sometimes.

Gosh, @eloh, how you have lived. I am in awe of this piece of history about yourself. And yes, the irony is not lost on me.