Monday, 19 April 2010

You Shall Go To The Ball

What a hard weekend it has been, o my brothers. Saturday going to a friend's house in Fleet for lunch. And drinking. And smoking. Well, I closed my eyes and kept a stiff upper lip as I forced myself to do all three of these things. It wasn't easy, my only friends, it really wasn't.

Then Sunday, off to my ultra-insensitive mothers, another round of drinking (coke), smoking and a huge Sunday lunch. I prayed for strength that morning, I can tell you.

Then nightime comes around and I was forced to go and see Georgie Fame in a one-off concert up the road in the big stadium. I went on my own-ie as it seems I have no real friends - except you o my brothers.

What a brilliant man he was! And his two wonderful sons. Did all the stuff: Yeh, Yeh and Gotta Go (or something) and Bonnie & Clyde. I can still see him doing that one on Top of the Pops! (I know! I know!).

Made friends with two gay guys sitting next to me. Had a drink and a fag outside. "Can't believe you came on your own!", one kept saying. Despite my fog of lager and smoke, I wished he would keep his voice down.

Said they would invite me to an exhibition at their house in Fulham. But I don't know how long this friendship will last.

Back to ironing and washing tonight for old Cinderella here. Then sleeping in the old fireplace I expect. Never mind, perhaps the Fairy Godmother will come back next Saturday - eh?


French Fancy said...

Jen, you can become a 'fag hag' and move to Fulham and occasionally pop back to see how husband and children are faring without you. That'll make them appreciate you a bit more


Stigmum said...

Always tough to eat, drink and smoke simultaneously so well done! Glad also you found the strength to go boppin'! I'm a norma no mates too but at least we're not missing out on life! The ironing and washing still isn't done over here so I'll ask the Fairy Godmother to tidy up for you whilst your on your next big adventure so you can put your feet up when you get back!

Suburbia said...

Yay for new friends!

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Cinderella had happy ending, if I remember rightly.

Time for a fag.


TommyStark0109佩政 said...

Some people cannot see the wood for the trees.......................................................

Polly said...

Sometimes flying solo is so much more fun, no waiting for other people to eat, pee, fiddle fart around lol.

Can't wait to hear how it goes with the new friends.

Suzysoo said...

Good for you for going by yourself. Glad you had a good time.

I've always wanted a gay best mate!!