Friday, 13 February 2009

Get on with it......!

Am in a right state. Limping around the high street, my coat stinking of fags, and winking at people (got shampoo in my eye this morning). And not even good shampoo obviously as my hair was doing an impersonation of Wurzel Gummage. I should have stuck with my Olive from On The Buses image. Anyway, no-one wanted to talk to me, I don't know why. In fact, they looked scared. Am I unlovable or what?

Sadly not as unlovable as my poor Daughter. She really is at a stage where only a Mother would go near her. Despite trying everything in the book, her knotted hair is crawlin with nits, her scalp dry and bleeding and an infection around her ears and neck. My poor little sweet. My irritation at her intense clinginess fades and I protect my little baby once again. Its dreadful being 12 - and 13 (in a few months) I am quite sure will be even worse.

So I go limping with her to the GP for a 9.30 appointment. By 20 past 10, we are still sitting there. I waited less time in Casualty last Saturday, I say loudly to anyone who will listen. No-one comments, they've heard it all before.

We are eventually shown in. This Doctor, I dimly recall, went on my Bastard List a few years ago. I contemplate erasing him, after all it had been about 7 years ago. But decide against it. Some people are very bitter and twisted. They see the world through murkey eyes. And I am no exception.

I show him her ears and neck. "Oh My God," he exclaims. A good bedside manner he has! He lists about every treatment he can, including a hair cut. I am all for that one. I can see those horrible nit eggs in the knots of her hair. Then we sit there while he tap tap taps on his computer. Get on with it , Man. Why can't they go back to writing on those pads? The ones drug addicts used to steal. We could have been out of there in half the time!

What an amateur. This apologetic tapping on his keyboard. I felt like shoving him out of the way and typing it for him. Didn't this man go to Medical school or what? Didn't he get a typing certificate?

We were finally out of there and I dropped her back at school. Only to return for a powerful dose of antibiotics, cream and nit-busting stuff. The poor thing is a mass of white inside and out. She is not happy.

Valentines day tomorrow. Made Husband a card from Rose (the cat) and I bought one from that Scribbler shop. God! That place is expensive. And we're having a take-away and wine and chocolates and watching BBC2 thats showing a documentary about Iran and its 30th anniversary of the revolution. So romantic thats going to be! Really gonna put us in the mood that is. But don't care, saw last weeks' one and it was great!

Its a shame actually that its a little bit overshadowed by the 50th year of the Cuban Revolution (same age as me!) and by that Black president. So he's black, I mean so what? But Iran and its people's uprising is an important part of history too and it should be acknowledged.

Well, thats about as deep as i'm gonna get this week, i tell you. Now, where's that Viz comic?


French Fancy said...

Oh your poor daughter- I hope she doesn't give it back to you though - the nits I mean. I know all good mothers want to take their childrens' hurts away, but there is a limit, surely.

I can just imagine the two of us together waiting for an appointment that was running late. You're a moaner after my own heart, Jen - I wish you were my neighbour -not just cos of the moaning - we'd have so many laughs as well.

Mean Mom said...

Sorry about the shampoo in the eye, but the idea of you winking at everyone in the High Street is funny! I might try it - without the shampoo, of course.

Poor daughter! Sounds dreadful. Hope the stuff from the doctor helps. When 2 of my lads got nits, some years ago, we used a chemical treatment, but then continued with conditioner on the hair and brushing through with a nit comb. I think we carried on with that for about a month. It was a pain, but it worked.

I'm ashamed to say that I know relatively little about Iran. I should have watched the documentary, obviously!

Have a good weekend!

The Dotterel said...

Just when you think things can't get any worse...
Twitter is a bit like blogging, Jenny. Mini-blogging, blogging-lite - you do from your phone or iPod. You could have twittered merrily in the doctor's surgery; that would have passed the time!

Suburbia said...

Lovely to read you as always Jen, such imagery! I hope you enjoy you valentines night in.I love that your cat can make cards, did she do you a 'sorry' I broke your toe one?!

Poor daughter, did the nits cause the infection?? Better check my two again!

Hope you get rid of that wink before you get into trouble ;)

Jennysmith said...

Oh FF, I wish i was your neighbour too! I really do! What larks we'd have! What a lovely idea. We'd have tears and laughter together.

Thanks for your nice comments, MMM, do you know, i wouldn't mind being winked at. Bring back memories! Even if it was by default.

Gosh, D, that Twitter thing almost sounds like texting. I do believe Steven Fry got stuck in a lift for 26 minutes recently and twittered all the way through it. Jonathon Ross is a big fan too apparently.

Hi Sub. Funnily enough, i got a valentine's card with a drawing of Rose apologising for the toe. But she doesn't look that sincere atually. Be a great opportunity if she made her own cards. We'd be on every talk show in the country and an instant scholarship to Goldsmiths for her. Its time she contributed something to the house!

Take care xxxx

the mother of this lot said...

I think you need some serious cheering up. Shall I send the kids over? Maybe not........

Pearl said...

Poor girl! We've been there, as well as a recent run-in, courtesy of a friend's trip to South America, with scabies.
Doesn't THAT sound lovely?