Friday, 27 February 2009

Thank you

Lovies, Treasures, I am honoured to accept this award from my dear pal Suburbia. Bless you and thank you.

Oh no, the eyes are welling up already , the emotions are sitting tight in my throat. I am choked with kindness and love, excuse me a moment.........

Phew! Much better after that fag - I mean breath of fresh air.

This pancake day business. What a load of old shite. Now, no-one likes a bit of a pancake flip more than i do. But when the frackin' thing splashes everywhere and that eggy batter stuff lands in the neighbouring carrots ......! AND on my Laura Ashley dress....!

And then - everybody pigs out on them with sugar and lemon - and do i get one? Do i shite! The greedy buggers! I'm lucky if i get a bit of squirty cream! Common and souless I know but I love it!

Have been amazed at the number of people (husband included) who is full of wonderment that I make my own pancakes "from scratch" and not buy the ready made mixture. What a reflection of our times. I mean its only an omlette with flour in really isn't it. Why do you need to buy that shit for?

For all my swearing and smoking, i do try to serve as fresh as food as i can and cook from "scratch". At the moment I hate Tescos and them 'cos they sealed the sad fate of Woolworths so have sent them to coventry. And i've been traipsing up the local shops for eggs and bacon and fruit and veg and that. But i feel sadly alone in this venture.

There's the local grocer , I shall call him "Fatso" because he's a useless gormless lazy git but say what you like about him, he does come up with the goods. Actually he looks exactly like that fat policemen in Slumdog Millioniare. I asked him the other day if he went to the BAFTAs and what was Danny Boyle like and do you know, he just looked at me blankly. I mean the modesty of the man!

Now when i go in there , i give him a conspirital wink. He looks scared and gets his wife to serve me. Why?


A Modern Mother said...

I didn't get any pancakes either!

Mean Mom said...

Sorry you didn't get any pancakes! Have the first one, next time!

I am staying with my mother, as my father is in hospital, at the moment, so we had a frozen pancake this time. Yes, we only had the one, oddly enough, but I'm sure that you can guess why!

I have to admit that I'm not much for cooking, but I do use my slow cooker, which doesn't require too much effort!

Congratulations on yet another award!

Scriptor Senex said...

Ignore Mean Mom - the first one always sticks to the pan. It's some sort of variation on Sod's Law. The second one is much better. Then why not have the thrid and fourth ones as well before you call the gang in for them.... (Only 360 days before this advice is of some use! I'll try to remind you nearer the time...)

Polly said...

oh god that sounds hilarious, now if you could get a few more people winking at this man - he would think the world had gone crazy

Henry the Dog said...

Oh, you do make us laugh Jennysmith. Maybe he thinks you fancy him. Or maybe he thinks you're a nutter. Either way, it was funny. You are getting so many awards lately. Bet you feel like Kate Winslet. Don't start getting all 'luvvie' on us. It's great that you cook from fresh - a dying thing - we do here in France too, we'd starve if we didn't - 'ready' meals haven't really reached the supermarkets in this part of France. But it'll happen. xxx

Marie and John said...

Congratulations on another award. You deserve it.

Shame you didn't get any pancakes. We made some and they were yummy. Strange thing is though I never have the usual problem of the first one being awful. It's always the last one.

Totally agree with you on the bought pancake mix. Come on, it's only a bit of flour, an egg and some milk. How hard is that ! ! !

With the exception of some pies and pizzas in the freezer for emergencies, I like to make all my food from scratch. It tastes much better and in the current 'credit munch' (thanks for that Henry the dog...) it's so much cheaper.


French Fancy said...

I'm so glad these awards are coming your way thick and fast. You might have another any day my space (gosh, that sounds disgusting)

Shame you never got any pancakes - greedy lot at your place.

The Dotterel said...

Hope you did your Danny Boyle 'Tigger' dance, Jenny. Better than a crying Kate or a f**king Mickey.

Jennysmith said...

MM, i feel your sadness. Those pancakes could have been ours. So near and yet so far.

meanmom, I'm so sorry about your father. will pray for him. I hope your mum and you are bearing up.

Always wanted a slow cooker.

Hi SS, yes, the second and third ones have less inhibitions somehow. Yes, would be grateful for a reminder.

Hi Polly. Yes, it might ignite some life into Fatso. The lazy sod.

Hello Henry my sweet, yes, i'm "hot" at the moment. Those scripts will be arrivin on my desk i tell you. Producers on the hotline , i can see it all.

Can't imagine ready meals in France , the home of beautiful cuisine but you're right, it;ll happen.

Hi FF and Marie. Thank you for sharing my loss on the pancakes.
Lovely to hear from you both sweeties.

Hi D. Gosh that Mickey looks rough doesn't he. When i think how handsome and rugged he looked in 9 and a half weeks.....sigh

Suburbia said...

Hee hee!

Jenny, I have learnt to insist that I get one. It worked this year, you are just not bossy enough love ;)!!!

I make mine form scratch too


Blu said...

Hi I am rarely over in TescoLand, so I didnt realise they had killed good old Woolies.

In France lots of people buy the crepes all ready to go, they are so cheap and good I stopped making my own...ooops you fill me with guilt..

You made me chuckle!

One set of Stevers said...

You know, I'm so selfish, I will only eat pancakes hot off the griddle! My daughter gets hers, nice and buttered and cut, and then, my cake comes of the griddle steaming! I love pancakes!! I know the whole self-sacraficing mom thing - we do everything for them first, but sometimes there are things that we can work in to take care of ourselves, too, like pancakes, and locks on the outside out their doors...hmm?

Marie and John said...

Hello Jennysmith,

I'm getting worried. It's been nearly a week and no blog.

Are you ok...


Henry the Dog said...

Where are you Jennysmith????

Suburbia said...

How are you Jen? Haven't seen you about for a while.

S x

French Fancy said...

Jenny Smith - are you okay? Not been eaten by nits?