Monday, 9 February 2009

A Sad Day

The Cat is on the Bastard List. Its a sad day when one of your own flesh and blood (so to speak) comes onto that list. But it is justified. Tripped over the little cow on Friday and broke my frackin' little toe. Missed a day's work at the rugby match - £ 8.00 an hour! - 'cos I couldn't walk on it! Felt like suing the little mare but she's an empty pocket - as they say in Ally McBeal.

Hobbled to Casualty on Saturday. Doctor said she wasn't even going to x-ray it, she could see I'd broken it. Cow! I would have loved an x-ray. I don't get many pleasures in life, was a little x-ray too much to ask? It seemed it was. Bloody NHS - no wonder they've gone to the dogs!

So it was a shit weekend. Couldn't go out because I couldn't even get my foot in the shoe. And does The Cat show any sign of remorse? Does she hell? Well, thanks for wrecking my life, Rose! You give them the best years of your life and they throw it right back at you....

Husband off sick today. Told me to cancel all viewings with the Estate Agents. Well, what about me on Saturday then? Pale and weak from Casualty but no, they all had to troop round then! I mean Sod Me, that was alright wasn't it. I could lay down when their office closed at 5 o'clock. One off-day for Husband and we close the shutters right down!!

Hacked off. Gonna make a big sandwich!


French Fancy said...

*Bloody NHS - no wonder they've gone to the dogs!*

...or the cats!

Shame about the toe - boo hiss to the husband and 'bad cat' to Rose.

Have a cake as well

Suburbia said...

You poor thing. No one gives you ANY sympathy for a broken toe and it bloody well hurts like f***! I broke mine a few years ago and had to drive myself to casualty because Husband didn't believe me (luckily it was my clutch peddle foot and the car was automatic!)

So you have my full sympathy. I needed crutches to get around for a few days!

Hey, whats up with your Husband?Maybe the cat could pick on him next time?!!


Marie and John said...

What are we going to do with you ! ! !

John broke his toe when a speaker fell on it and having gone through the 'pain' with him, I feel for you.

Please don't be too hard on Rose. I don't think she did it on purpose.

What is it with men when they're ill. No doubt you would have had to hobble to the phone to cancel the viewings.

I think you deserve some 'me time' so tell the husband and the children they're going to have to fend for themselves.

Lots of hugs,


The Dotterel said...

You're lucky to get an unequivocal diagnosis. When I 'broke' mine they said, 'oh yes, it's probably a fracture but we can't do anything about it'. And I kid you not. Bastards!

Elaine said...

Yeah, I've broken my toe before. They didn't do a thing....said they couldn't. And yes, it hurts like fuck! I hope it stops throbbing soon. x

Polly said...

huh but don't you remember - a simple cold is akin to death's door for the male species!

Jennysmith said...

Hi everybody, thank you for your lovely comments.

Not only covered with nits but bloody toe gone up the shute too. And yes, its still hurtin'. Am limpin' like mad, should get one of those crutches like Long John Silver.

No, Sub, no-one took my toe seriously either. Even the Doctor. Gosh, D, you must have wanted to cry! Oooh - a fracture is nasty indeed.

and don't worry, have forgiven the Cat already. The little cow's pestering me for food now! AND I limped up to the vets' to get her some Science plan food! How forgiving is that?

love xxxx

Mean Mom said...

Had to laugh! Sorry! Not at your predicament, of course, but the post. It's great.

Sorry you're suffering. Sending lots of sympathy. You can put 2 out of my 3 cats on the Bastard List, if you would. The one sprays anywhere and everywhere, when he gets the chance and the other rips up the carpets. I do adore them, when they're not doing that, though, fortunately.