Thursday, 19 February 2009

Lost it! Again!

Well, its day 4 in the Big Brother house and housemate Jenny has "lost it" with housemate Daughter demanding this and demanding that. The Diary Room has called for Jenny to talk to them but she has told them to Frack off.

What a load of old rubbish this half term business is. What a waste of space!

Son and Daughter so popular. "Can Son come over to us..." "Can Daughter have a sleepover..." And guess who has to ferry them about in the car - yes, Moi. I mean sod my broken toe, that doesn't matter does it. Just get in the car with sweets and sleeping bags and Wii games.

Gawd, when i had half-term as a kid, i was lucky if i got one knock on the door to play out in the street. And that was only if no-one else was in. And what was wrong with that? I loved just being with my Bunty comics and Sindy dolls. Not that i had any friends anyway but thats irrelevant. What is it with this playdate nonsense. Am tempted to buy them each a palmtop so they can arrange their own bloody social life.

And when they're home, its "can i have this..." and "Can i have that...." And have i spent a fortune up the local shops or what?
Why can't they go into a dark room all week and do their homework - thats what i'd like to know.

And now i have to go up the park to meet god knows who. (have lost track). And where's this nice day we were supposed to have eh? Tell me that!

The Cat bit me.


Suburbia said...

Almost laughing too much to comment!!


It is a credit to the way you have raised your children that they are so wanted socially! Just think f that when your broken toe is hurting so much from being a taxi service all week and the cat bite has gone septic

S X ;)

French Fancy said...

Can't the mums of the friends come and collect them, seeing as how your toe is broken? Hard lot of mums your way.

Mean Mom said...

LOL! Sorry you're having a shitty week! Hope you have a bit of a rest while kids are away playing in someone else's house.

I used to race home from school on Bunty days. Sigh. Judy was good, too. Times were a bit simpler, then and cheaper.

Hope your toe is better soon.

Have you been teasing the cat again? ;0)

The Dotterel said...

It's the teachers who are shut away all week in darkened rooms, marking. I know, I was one once. And people call them 'holiday'! Ha ha ha!

Elaine said...

Not long till the summer holidays, is it? Course, there's the Easter ones first....

LoL. x

Polly said...

Oh dear, damn those kids!

Jennysmith said...

Thank you sweeties.

D, the teachers I hate should spend a week in that room (with no food or water) but good ones like yourself should have a break and treat yourselves to the pub.

Gosh MMM, I used to live for thursday with Bunty and Judy and, later, Mandy (tho' i felt it was inferior they still turned out a good story!).

Bless you, Sub, FF, E and P xxxx

French Fancy said...

Anyway, there is a well-deserved award waiting for you at my place. Stick it in the old sidebar and find 5 other bloggers to pass it on to


Suburbia said...

There's an award for you at mine (just to cheer you up!)