Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Withdrawal Symptons

Bit of an unpleasantness yesterday. Schools closed again and son stalks about like a caged beast. He wanted his schoolmate over. The one who lives just up the road. I initially said No. We have had him here about 3 times, including a sleepover, and Son hasn't once been asked back.

But I wore down. And also he was the nearest pal to us and I was damned if i was driving in that icy snow to pick up someone else. I said you can call him, i'm not, so i dialled the number and passed it to son. The Boy obviously agreed to come and then Son passed phone back to me because the mother wanted a word.

I cannot believe what the cheeky cow said. She realised it was her turn to have Son, she said breezily, but HER son had chosen to come to our house instead. The crafty bitch! Of course a kids' gonna choose to come to someone else's house. It was on the tip of my tight lips to say it was for an adult to decide who comes over, not the bloody child! Was furious. Itched for the Bastard List which i was trying to give up.

But it was hard. The withdrawal symptons increased through the next 2 hours. I began to shake and have hallucinations. An inner voice tried to soothe me: Have a fag, it said, it will take your mind off your addiction. I puffed gratefully, trying not to think about the List. But I paced around the house, brittle to the touch. The inner voice tried again: Go for a walk like people trying to give up smoking do. (I've heard there are people who actually try this. What suckers!) . But its cold, I answered back.

Salvation came in the form of an Estate Agent. "Can we bring some viewers?", he asked brightly, desperately even. I told him he certainly could. And then I phoned the old whore back and told her I couldn't have her boy after all because of people looking at the house, and in fact, could she call for Son while they were walking their dog and have him instead?

Well, what could the cheeky cow say? She knew she'd "crossed the line" and could do nothing but wearily agree. So got my own back in the end. But next time, the Bastard List may not be so easy to suspend.


French Fancy said...

Well done for socking it back to the old cow big time. I guess with the crap weather you had to stay in even though another Dreaded Viewing was going to be taking place.

You'll get your buyer eventually, never fear.

Suburbia said...

Well that was an impressive move indeed! Well done. (I do miss the bastard list!)


Marie and John said...

Good for you. Serves the little madam right.

If buyers are willing to view houses in the bad weather they must be interested so fingers crossed.

Forget the addiction - bring back the B list ! ! !


Mean Mom said...

Cheeky devil! She should have overruled her child, of course. Never mind, though, you got your own back!

The Dotterel said...

Bring back the Bastard List!

The Dotterel said...

Oh, and if you do - put 'word verification' on it for me will you? Those bloody words keep getting longer!

French Fancy said...

Bring back the bastard list. We want it and we want it now!

Jennysmith said...

Don't worry sweeties. I have completely fallen off the wagon. How did i think i'd get through the school term alone without one?

It is back in full force.

Thank you for your lovely comments. xxxxxx