Monday, 9 March 2009

Monday Monday

Got up this morning. So spectacularly depressed even I took a step back. I didn't get this. I've had much worse Monday mornings in my lifetime. Why should this one go sour on me? Son walked to school, I didn't even have that school run shit.

Feel old. Look through a magazine. Botox, it said. That makes you look younger and better. But I'm no Patsy Stone. Next page. Forget Botox, it said, a scary looking serum will lift years off you - £65!

Next page, forget Botox and Serums, a new haircut and brow pluck will take years off you instead. Now this was progress. But at what cost? Next page, a self-made bloke with a chocolate business gives advice on money: Don't spend any! Am confused.

Get an idea. Stop buying magazines at £3.20 a pop that talk shit, that would save money wouldn't it.

Higher offer for the house. Husband accepts. So Stamp Duty is under £250,000 - now I get it! I think.


Suburbia said...

Hey, that's great, so you're on the move?

I hate days when you feel like sh**. Sorry you are feeling that way. Do you ever watch 10 years younger on the telly? Those women go through so much stuff, face lifts and having all their teeth yanked out! I think I'd rather settle for an eyebrow pulck any day!!!

S x

PS, do you have e mail?

Suburbia said...

PPS, can't find your 'following' button. DO you have one?

Scriptor Senex said...

Well done - fingers crossed it all goes through OK. Have you given any thought to house hunting???

Marie and John said...

Fantastic news on the house. Fingers and toes crossed everything goes ok.

Personally I think it's all a con just to make us spend lots of money on useless products.


The Dotterel said...

Fantastic news on the house! I assume you're moving 'ooop north' at last?

Mean Mom said...

I'm all for a good haircut. I try not to spend much, at the moment, but I do have my hair cut regularly. I seem to be slowly losing my eyebrows, unfortunately. I shall have to pencil them in soon, with a black crayon. ;0)

Good news about the house! No more going for a walk, while people look round etc. Happy house hunting!

French Fancy said...

I'm so happy for you about the house - doesn't that sound odd. Never worry about getting old, life's too short to worry about that - chuck out the mags.

Polly said...

I think those magazines have some kind of drug that we secretly inhale making us buy them without thinking week after week....

Meanwhile - wonderful news on the sale of your house, I hope that you are thrilled.

Jennysmith said...

Hi Suburbia, my friend. Funny i don't usually watch that programme but this one time i did. I think its cheating with facelifts and that. They should just work on their clothes and make up and that. And yes, it looks revolting and awful that surgery stuff. not sure i could even stomach botox.

Certainly do have email, sweetie, will wing it to you a s a p. don't know about that Following stuff - will find out xxx

Bless you, SS. No, actually it looks like Rent City for us at the moment. What a new experience!

Hi Marie and John. Thanks for your lovely words. Yes, i think its a big perversion that beauty stuff. Tho' it took me long enough and a lot of wasted money to find out. Just a lipstick for me next time, i tell you. hope you are well.

Dotterell, my sweet, yes, up North but North of Twickenham. In my heart, i'm properly "up north" tho'.

MM, i really hope your Dad's better. Yes, now i look, my eyebrows are pretty thin. Could probably do 'em myself actually.

Hi FF sweetie. Thanks for your lovely congratulations. You're so right. Recycling bin for the lot of 'em.

Hi Polly. thanks for your sweet words. And its interesting what you say. I bet i'll still pick a glossy thing up and take it all in again. I think you have a valid point.


French Fancy said...

Jen - this is from someone we both love and admire...

*Henry the Dog's Mum said...

I tried posting a comment on Jennysmith's blog but I can't because I can't sign into my blogger account from this stupid hotel and Jenny doesn't allow names or anonymous. Can you post one for me? Just congratulate her for me on selling her house and tell her I'm going to leave her a comment about botox this afternoon when I have better access. I know it's a bit rude asking you but I didn't want her to think I'm ignoring her blog. Thanks so much xxx*

Jennysmith said...

Bless you for that, FF. So nice of you to pass that on.

How sweet of her to worry about not commenting. Have commented on her blog yesterday, will contact her again today.

i don't understand that stuff about anonymous and that....