Monday, 16 March 2009

What a Load of .........

This 24 programme, whats that all about then? These 10 Guerilla types from a small country, it seems, can break into the White House, probably the most protected building in the world, and completely take it over and shoot hostages and that. Why don't the SAS go in there and get the bastards? I ask Husband. Where's Louis Collins when you need him?

I ask Him why they don't shoot that crashing bore who seems to avoid death every hour of the day. Husband, rather snappily I thought, told me that was no way to talk about Jack Bauer. I really don't get this at all.

Jon Voight is in this episode as a guest star. Well, I was expecting him to be in cowboy gear fresh from New York City walking to that soundtrack by Harry Nilsein. Not this really old looking bloke. Will have to watch Midnight Cowboy again. He was so gorgeous then. Before that sulky daughter of his was born and grew up.

Went to Westfield today, to that awful Holister shop to get something for Daughter's birthday. Virtually pitch black with deafening music, I felt for the nearest objects in front of me before I tripped over something, longing for the security of Fatso's shop, when an anorexic young thing appeared in front of me and asked if I was looking for something for myself. I mean Bless Her! As if I would remotely contemplate buying this overpriced shit! Assuming i could fit into it in the first place.

Groping for a blue top and shorts for Daughter's 13th, i struggled to the till where the cashiers looked fresh from London Fashion week. I began to reflect that i had come all the way here just to get these two expensive items and something else from Boots. And that was that really. This was how futile my life had become. It all came down to shallow little trips like this.

Going for a long bloody walk tomorrow to re-think my life. - well, maybe the day after, I've got ironing to do .......


Suburbia said...

Funny as always!! When's her birthday?

Glad you have the 'following' gadget up and running, I don't want to miss anything!

Jennysmith said...

hello sweetie. Bless you. Its not till 24th April but i like to stash things under the bed. When's Tall Girls?

Yes, it sort of found me - that follower thing - its quite fun really. Thanks for joining sweetie. Hope you're okay , thinking of you.

I tried to peruse that email thing on your profile but got a bit lost. will try again. xxxx

Henry the Dog said...
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Henry the Dog's Mum said...

I'm so with you on 24. You should start watching The Wire (but put subtitles on because it's impossible to follow otherwise). French Fancy recommended it to me and we've just finished watching the first season. It's the best of that ilk in my view. It's credible (which 24 isn't). The acting is brilliant. There's no gratuitous violence - there is violence, of course, but it's not gratuitious. It's dark, gritty, humourous at times. Honestly, I reckon you'd have to be brain-dead not to love it. Laughed my head off at your lovely story about going into Holister (whatever it is) xxx
PS: initially posted this on Henry's Account - he would have been miffed!!!!

Henry the Dog's Mum said...

I've just thought - perhaps you know The Wire already. Perhaps you know it so well you could answer questions about it on Mastermind. God, how embarrassing. It was just me being presumptious. Just because I'd not heard about it until FF told me. Sorry. xxx

Henry the Dog said...

Honestly, what is she like?

Jennysmith said...

Bless you Henry and Mum. Yes, I know all about the Wire but as its such a "culty" thing, its natural to assume not many people know it.

Husband found out about the Wire on the internet and is now a slave to it! So is my Mate. And so is French Fancy as you know.

Rumour has it BBC2 will be showing a series of it (don't know which one) but i expect with the language and violence (didn't i hear the C word in it the other night?) it will be on late and would only benefit the people who are fans anyway. Bit like Larry David and Larry Sanders.

Tho' i don't watch it (i read while Husband has it on) did think it was funny they played the theme from Shaft and some black bloke in a car said a line from the song as he picked someone up!

Are there lots of black people in Baltimore then? Or am i missing something? xxxxxxx

French Fancy said...

First of all - good, you've stuck a Followers gadget on. You'll watch it grow in number and wish you'd done it years ago. Well okay then blog posts ago :)

I've never had the love of 24. We watched the first series and thought it wasn't for us - I won't criticise it because I know what a success it has been. Horses for courses and all that.

Your life is no more futile than mine - wake up, study, do some work for Mr FF, cook, clear up, play with dogs, walk by canal, study, do some more work, eat, go to bed.

The Dotterel said...

No idea what all this is about, Jenny. See, we don't have a telly. Well, we do, but Charlie's wired it up to receive non-stop, round-the-clock CBeebies. (Actually, it's a lot better than the other stuff!)

Jennysmith said...

Hi FF. No, you're quite right. its different strokes and that..
anyway, even Husbands gone off 24 a bit because he's big on THE WIRE (as you are too).

Yes, i know what you mean, FF, we all do futile things but you are at least fulfilling yourself and your potential.

You don't know how lucky you are, D, I yearn for the days of Sooty and Fireman Sam and that. Tho' i suppose in a way, Sooty is a bit like The Wire, very cutting edge - tho' not so much swearing and its set in Manchester , not Baltimore but they really are quite similar.

What do you do at night then?
love xxxx

Anonymous said...

I don't watch 24 either. I'd rather they brought back The Sweeney :)

Where is Fatso's shop? You seem to have made him famous!

Jennysmith said...

Shut it! Yes, Dave, 24 is not a patch on old Carter and Regan, i do agree.

Yes, i have rather. But why should i give that idle useless git Fatso any more publicity! I wouldn't get a word of thanks anyway.

All i will tell you is, if you're driving through a slaggy part of Twickenham and you see some dreadful run-down old fleapit with a fat bloke in it, thats Him!

Mean Mom said...

Thanks for making me smile for a minute or 2. I'm a bit fed up at the moment. I've been at my parents' house for 3 weeks, now, whilst my father was in hospital. He finally came out yesterday, but my middle son broke his leg on Sunday and they are operating on him at the moment. I need to be in 2 places at once at the moment.

Mean Mom said...

PS I don't watch 24, but student son and I watch Lost. I've recorded the last lot of episodes so that we can watch it together when he is back home.

Jennysmith said...

Hi MM. Sorry to hear about your Dad AND your poor son! All happens at once eh? I bet you wish you were on that desert island with that Hurley bloke don't you (and John) .

Husband getting a bit disillusioned with Lost - and 24. Thats because he's gone onto the Wire. have you seen that?

Hope you get some time to yourself soon xxxx