Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Step One....

Decided to salvage some advice from the discarded magazine. Haircut. Need one anyway. And now and then I allow myself to "stray" from my usual hairdresser. My Korean girl has her salon down the road just past Fatso's and colouring there is great but her haircuts aren't so hot. So it was time for a bit of adventure. Play away from home, it was kind of exciting.

Go into this salon in the high street. Loud music, bloke on reception looking like he should be on a catwalk, and everything sparse and gleaming. Should have taken in these warning signs and legged it. But that would have been undignified - wouldn't it?

Its a well known hairdressers, part of a large chain, whose name is on a large section of hair products in Boots. Never touched 'em before. But wanted to look younger and if anyone can do it, these buggers can - or should.

Relieved to see i wasn't getting this young trendy stylist bloke with a stupid goatee beard. Like, we'd have so much common! And I mean no offence, dear, but i doubt if he'd even seen an older woman, let alone do their hair. Got a young girl instead , felt a bit better about that. At least we had the same sex in common.

But i noticed an alarming thing. When the last customer left, the hairdresser kissed her! I mean when did hairdressers ever kiss? I can't remotely imagine kissing old Fatso's neighbour and i'm sure the feeling's quite mutual. And as for my mum kissing Vera - or whatever her hairdresser of 20 years is called - she'd rather spit!

When did hairdressers get theatrical all of a sudden? Oh God, i don't have to kiss her , do I? I'll pay double! or anything! Mind you, its a better deal than the goatee beard. I'm not intactile, and i love greeting my pals with a kiss but this just seems odd.

As it happend I was spared. And she asked if my grey hair was a part of my highlights. Double tip for her I tell you! And the very young never believe the age you are! I mean i know she was butterin me up and i know my kind of age is far beyond her young horizons but its bliss just the same.

Which is more than can be said for the fracking haircut. What a load of old shit! Back to me old china plate next time I tell you. Still, it was an adventure and I got off lightly with the price (comparatively - old goatee beard would have charged far more).

Got Son's teacher this afternoon for the Parent Teacher consultation. I suspect he's gay - going to ask him (had you going there!)


French Fancy said...

You're very brave, going to a new hairdresser. It's something I get nervous about. I bet it looks good - we're always our worst critics. Ask the gay teacher what he thinks.

Mean Mom said...

I'm quite scared about going to a new hairdresser. Mine has been coming to me at home for a few years, now and I think of her as a friend. Fortunately, I like the way she cuts and colours my hair, because it would be a bit difficult to get rid of her!

I once went to a posh hairdresser in the town where I live, when my own hairdresser was ill. I had to pay through the nose and ended up with a style I couldn't cope with. I'll be interested to hear how you got on with the gay teacher and whether he liked your new haircut.

Blu said...

I often pop over to your blog, lurk, laugh and then bugga off. But todays post sounds just like my hair dilemma at the moment, I was laughing more than usual.

Best wishes Blu, and that isnt a blu rinse either!

French Fancy said...

Popped back to say you've not copied my Birthday Fancy award into your sidebar- honestly Jen, some people took it illegally (I got it back though) and there's you with one to spare

only joking - you don't have to put it along the side


Henry the Dog's Mum said...

That is your funniest post yet. I nearly spat my wine out at one point (but managed to hold onto it, I'm tight when it comes to my wine). And yes, hairdressers joined the luvvie brigade some time ago:)xxx

The Dotterel said...

Hey, I had a haircut today. Didn't kiss the barber, though. And no, he isn't gay. (And neither am I!)

Polly said...

ooo I love secretly visiting a new hairdresser - its that feeling of doing something you probably shouldn't be doing....sad what things give us a thrill these days - once apon a time it was sitting at the back of McDonalds sneaking beers!